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19902 – Differentiation and Adaptation in the Genus Capsella (Brassicaceae)Hurka, Herbert
2021A story from the Miocene: Clock-dated phylogeny of Sisymbrium L. (Sisymbrieae, Brassicaceae)Zerdoner Calasan, Anze; German, Dmitry A.; Hurka, Herbert; Neuffer, Barbara 
2022Allium pallasii and A. caricifolium-Surprisingly Diverse Old Steppe Species, Showing a Clear Geographical Barrier in the Area of Lake ZaysanFriesen, Nikolai ; Grutzmacher, Lisa; Skaptsov, Mikhail; Vesselova, Polina; Dorofeyev, Vladimir; Luferov, Alexander N.; Turdumatova, Nazgul; Lazkov, Georgii; Smirnov, V, Sergei; Shmakov, I, Alexander; Hurka, Herbert
2020Allium species of section Rhizomatosa, early members of the Central Asian steppe vegetationFriesen, Nikolai ; Smirnov, Sergei V.; Shmakov, Alexander I.; Herden, Tobias; Oyuntsetseg, Batlay; Hurka, Herbert
2009BIOGEOGRAPHY AND PHYLOGENY OF CARDAMINE (BRASSICACEAE)Carlsen, Tor; Bleeker, Walter; Hurka, Herbert; Elven, Reidar; Brochmann, Christian
2009Contribution to ITS phylogeny of the Brassicaceae, with special reference to some Asian taxaGerman, Dmitry A.; Friesen, Nikolai ; Neuffer, Barbara ; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; Hurka, Herbert
2016Dated phylogenies and historical biogeography of Dontostemon and Clausia (Brassicaceae) mirror the palaeogeographical history of the Eurasian steppeFriesen, Nikolai ; German, Dmitry A.; Hurka, Herbert; Herden, Tobias; Oyuntsetseg, Batlai; Neuffer, Barbara 
2020Evolutionary history of the Eurasian steppe plant Schivereckia podolica (Brassicaceae) and its close relatives ?Friesen, Nikolai ; Calasan, Anze Zerdoner; Neuffer, Barbara ; German, Dmitry A.; Markov, Michael; Hurka, Herbert
2022Genotyping-by-sequencing reveals range expansion of Adonis vernalis (Ranunculaceae) from Southeastern Europe into the zonal Euro-Siberian steppeSeidl, Anna; Tremetsberger, Karin; Pfanzelt, Simon; Lindhuber, Lisa; Kropf, Matthias; Neuffer, Barbara ; Blattner, Frank R.; Kiraly, Gergely; Smirnov, V, Sergey; Friesen, Nikolai ; Shmakov, I, Alexander; Plenk, Kristina; Batlai, Oyuntsetseg; Hurka, Herbert; Bernhardt, Karl-Georg
2021Geographical pattern of genetic diversity in Capsella bursa-pastoris (Brassicaceae)-A global perspectiveWesse, Christina; Welk, Erik; Hurka, Herbert; Neuffer, Barbara 
1993Isozymes in population genetic studiesHurka, Herbert
2012`Missing link' species Capsella orientalis and Capsella thracica elucidate evolution of model plant genus Capsella (Brassicaceae)Hurka, Herbert; Friesen, Nikolai ; German, Dmitry A.; Franzke, Andreas; Neuffer, Barbara 
2017Molecular evidence in Diplotaxis (Brassicaceae) suggests a Quaternary origin of the Cape Verdean floraFranzke, Andreas; Samani, Bibi-Rana Sharif; Neuffer, Barbara ; Mummenhoff, Klaus ; Hurka, Herbert
2011Monitoring population and gene pool dynamics of the annual species Capsella bursa-pastoris (Brassicaceae): a review of relevant species traits and the initiation of a long-term genetic monitoring programmeNeuffer, Barbara ; Bernhardt, Karl-Georg; Hurka, Herbert; Kropf, Matthias
2021Pleistocene dynamics of the Eurasian steppe as a driving force of evolution: Phylogenetic history of the genus Capsella (Brassicaceae)Zerdoner Calasan, Anze; Hurka, Herbert; German, Dmitry A.; Pfanzelt, Simon; Blattner, Frank R.; Seidl, Anna; Neuffer, Barbara 
2009Recent speciation associated with the evolution of selfing in CapsellaFoxe, John Paul; Slotte, Tanja; Stahl, Eli A.; Neuffer, Barbara ; Hurka, Herbert; Wright, Stephen I.
2023S-alleles and mating system in natural populations of Capsella grandiflora (Brassicaceae) and its congeneric relativesNeuffer, Barbara ; Bechsgaard, Jesper; Paetsch, Melanie; Titel, Carina; Wesse, Christina; Bona, Enzo; Schimpf, Regina; Calasan, Anze Zerdoner; Hurka, Herbert
2019The Eurasian steppe belt in time and space: Phylogeny and historical biogeography of the false flax (Camelina Crantz, Camelineae, Brassicaceae)Calasan, Anze Zerdoner; Seregin, Alexey P.; Hurka, Herbert; Hofford, Nathaniel P.; Neuffer, Barbara 
2021The phylogeographic history of Krascheninnikovia reflects the development of dry steppes and semi-deserts in EurasiaSeidl, Anna; Tremetsberger, Karin; Pfanzelt, Simon; Blattner, Frank R.; Neuffer, Barbara ; Friesen, Nikolai ; Hurka, Herbert; Shmakov, Alexander; Batlai, Oyuntsetseg; Calasan, Anze Zerdoner; Vesselova, Polina V.; Bernhardt, Karl-Georg
1986Variation of growth form parameters inCapsella (Cruciferae)Neuffer, Barbara ; Hurka, Herbert