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20043-deazaadenosine analogues of p5 ` A2 ` p5 ` A2 ` p5 ` A: synthesis, stereochemistry, and the roles of adenine ring nitrogen-3 in the interaction with RNase LKalinichenko, EN; Podkopaeva, TL; Budko, EV; Seela, F; Dong, BH; Silverman, R; Vepsalainen, J; Torrence, PF; Mikhailopulo, IA
1997A 2'->5'-adenylate trimer with a positively charged 2'(3')-terminal 8-(4-aminobutyl)aminoadenosine residue: Synthesis, conformation and RNase L bindingMikhailopulo, IA; Kalinichenko, EN; Podkopaeva, TL; Kelve, M; Saarma, M; Lidaks, MY; Rosemeyer, H ; Seela, F
1998Dissection of the roles of adenine ring nitrogen (N-1) and exocyclic amino (N-6) moieties in the interaction of 2-5A with RNase LPlayer, MR; Kalinichenko, EN; Podkopaeva, TL; Mikhailopulo, IA; Seela, F; Torrence, PF
1996Synthesis of 1-deazaadenosine analogues of (2'->-5') ApApAMikhailopoulo, IA; Kalinichenko, EN; Podkopaeva, TL; Wenzel, T; Rosemeyer, H ; Seela, F