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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998A comparative study of the atomic and electronic structure of F centers in ferroelectric KNbO3: Ab initio and semi-empirical calculationsKotomin, EA; Christensen, NE; Eglitis, RI; Borstel, G
2001A new phase in ferroelectric oxides: The phase of charge transfer vibronic excitonsVikhnin, VS; Eglitis, RI; Kapphan, SE; Kotomin, EA; Borstel, G
1999Ab initio and semiempirical calculations of H- centers in MgO crystalsKuklja, MM; Stefanovich, EV; Kotomin, EA; Popov, AI; Gonzalez, R; Chen, Y
2004Ab initio calculations of copper nanostructures on MgO substrateSychev, O; Zhukovskii, YF; Kotomin, EA; Borstel, G
2004Ab initio calculations of the SrTiO3 (110) polar surfaceHeifets, E; Goddard, WA; Kotomin, EA; Eglitis, RI; Borstel, G
2003Ab initio Hartree-Fock calculations of LaMnO3 (110) surfacesEvarestov, RA; Kotomin, EA; Heifets, E; Maier, J; Borstel, G
2005Ab initio modeling of copper adhesion on regular BaTiO3(001) surfacesZhukovskii, YF; Piskunov, S; Kotomin, EA; Sychev, O; Borstel, G
2000Ab initio modeling of metal adhesion on oxide surfaces with defectsZhukovskii, YF; Kotomin, EA; Jacobs, PWM; Stoneham, AM
2001Ab initio modeling of surface structure for SrTiO3 perovskiteHeifets, E; Eglitis, RI; Kotomin, EA; Maier, J; Borstel, G
2004Ab initio study of the SrTiO3, BaTiO3 and PbTiO3 (001) surfacesEglitis, RI; Piskunov, S; Heifets, E; Kotomin, EA; Borstel, G
2005Ab initio thermodynamics of BacSr(1-c)TiO3 solid solutionsFuks, D; Dorfman, S; Piskunov, S; Kotomin, EA
2004Adhesion trends and growth mode of ultra-thin copper films on MgOZhukovskii, YF; Kotomin, EA; Fuks, D; Dorfman, S; Stoneham, AM; Borstel, G
2004Adsorption of single Ag and Cu atoms on regular and defective MgO(001) substrates: an ab initio studyZhukovskii, YF; Kotomin, EA; Borstel, G
1999Atomistic calculations of (110) surface relaxation for perovskite titanatesHeifets, E; Kotomin, EA; Borstel, G
2000Atomistic simulation of SrTiO3 and BaTiO3 (110) surface relaxationsHeifets, E; Kotomin, EA
2001Calculation of the effective diffusion coefficient in inhomogeneous solidsKalnin, JR; Kotomin, EA; Kuzovkov, VN
2002Calculations of radiation-induced point defects, polarons and excitons in ferroelectric perovskitesKotomin, EA; Maier, J; Eglitis, RI; Borstel, G
2001Calculations of the atomic and electronic structure for SrTiO3 perovskite thin filmsKotomin, EA; Eglitis, RI; Maier, J; Heifets, E
1997Charge distribution and optical properties of F+ and F centres in KNbO3 crystalsKotomin, EA; Eglitis, RI; Popov, AI
1999Comparative theoretical study of the Ag-MgO (100) and (110) interfacesZhukovskii, YF; Kotomin, EA; Jacobs, PWM; Stoneham, AM; Harding, JH