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2021Evaluation of similarities and differences of LiTaO3 and LiNbO3 based on high-T-conductivity, nonlinear optical fs-spectroscopy and ab initio modeling of polaronic structuresKrampf, A.; Imlau, M. ; Suhak, Y.; Fritze, H.; Sanna, S.
2020Excitonic hopping-pinning scenarios in lithium niobate based on atomistic models: different kinds of stretched exponential kinetics in the same systemCorradi, G.; Krampf, A.; Messerschmidt, S.; Vittadello, L.; Imlau, M. 
2017Fs-pulse propagation in presence of self-trapped excitonsKrampf, A.; Messerschmidt, S.; Imlau, M. 
2015Modifying magnetic properties of ultra-thin magnetite films by growth on Fe pre-covered MgO(001)Schemme, T. ; Krampf, A.; Bertram, F. ; Kuschel, T. ; Kuepper, K.; Wollschlaeger, J.
2015Sign change in the tunnel magnetoresistance of Fe3O4/MgO/Co-Fe-B magnetic tunnel junctions depending on the annealing temperature and the interface treatmentMarnitz, L.; Rott, K.; Niehoerster, S.; Klewe, C.; Meier, D.; Fabretti, S.; Witziok, M.; Krampf, A.; Kuschel, O.; Schemme, T. ; Kuepper, K.; Wollschlaeger, J.; Thomas, A.; Reiss, G.; Kuschel, T. 
2020Superposed picosecond luminescence kinetics in lithium niobate revealed by means of broadband fs-fluorescence upconversion spectroscopyKrampf, A.; Messerschmidt, S.; Imlau, M. 
2019The role of self-trapped excitons in polaronic recombination processes in lithium niobateMesserschmidt, S.; Krampf, A.; Freytag, F.; Imlau, M. ; Vittadello, L.; Bazzan, M.; Corradi, G.