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2022Analyses of the neural population dynamics during human object vision reveal two types of representational echoes that reverberate across the visual system.Sulewski, Philip; Koenig, Peter ; Kriegeskorte, Nikolaus; Kietzmann, Tim C.
2023Deep Neural Networks and Visuo-Semantic Models Explain Complementary Components of Human Ventral-Stream Representational DynamicsJozwik, Kamila M.; Kietzmann, Tim C.; Cichy, Radoslaw M.; Kriegeskorte, Nikolaus; Mur, Marieke
2018Deep neural networks trained with heavier data augmentation learn features closer to representations in hITHernández-García, Alex; Mehrer, Johannes; Kriegeskorte, Nikolaus; König, Peter ; Kietzmann, Tim C.
2016Feedback signals from the local surround are combined with feedforward information in human V1Revina, Yulia; Petro, Lucy; Blum, Sebastian; Kriegeskorte, Nikolaus; Muckli, Lars
2016Meaningful feedback to occluded V1 is improved by increasing local information in the surroundRevina, Yulia; Petro, Lucy S.; Denk-Florea, Cristina; Blum, Sebastian; Kriegeskorte, Nikolaus; Muckli, Lars
2023Neural representation of occluded objects in visual cortexMansfield, Courtney; Kietzmann, Tim C.; van den Bosch, Jasper; Charest, Ian; Mur, Marieke; Kriegeskorte, Nikolaus; Smith, Fraser
2023The neuroconnectionist research programmeDoerig, Adrien; Sommers, Rowan P.; Seeliger, Katja; Richards, Blake; Ismael, Jenann; Lindsay, Grace W.; Kording, Konrad P.; Konkle, Talia; van Gerven, Marcel A. J.; Kriegeskorte, Nikolaus; Kietzmann, Tim C.