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2018High-Resolution UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imagery for LAI and Chlorophyll Estimations from Wheat for Yield PredictionKanning, Martin; Kuehling, Insa; Trautz, Dieter; Jarmer, Thomas 
2017Impact of tillage, seeding rate and seeding depth on soil moisture and dryland spring wheat yield in Western SiberiaKuehling, Insa; Redozubov, Dmitry; Broll, Gabriele ; Trautz, Dieter
2016Spatio-temporal analysis of agricultural land-use intensity across the Western Siberian grain beltKuehling, Insa; Broll, Gabriele ; Trautz, Dieter
2021UAV-Based RGB Imagery for Hokkaido Pumpkin (Cucurbita max.) Detection and Yield EstimationWittstruck, Lucas; Kuehling, Insa; Trautz, Dieter; Kohlbrecher, Maik; Jarmer, Thomas