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Jarmer, Thomas
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Jarmer, Thomas
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12011Linking spatial patterns of soil organic carbon to topography - A case study from south-eastern SpainSchwanghart, Wolfgang; Jarmer, Thomas 
22011Use of imaging spectroscopy to assess different organic carbon fractions of agricultural soilsVohland, M.; Harbich, M.; Schmidt, O.; Jarmer, T. ; Emmerling, C.; Sören, T.-B.
32012Night-Time Ground Hyperspectral Imaging for Urban-Scale Remote Sensing of Ambient PM. I. Aerosol Optical Thickness AcquisitionEtzion, Yael; Jarmer, Thomas ; Kolatt, Tsafrir; Shoshany, Maxim; Broday, David M.
42012Cest analysis: Automated change detection from very-high-resolution remote sensing imagesEhlers, M.; Klonus, S.; Jarmer, T. ; Sofina, N.; Michel, U.; Reinartz, P.; Sirmacek, B.
52012Using hyperspectral remote sensing data for the assessment of topsoil organic carbon from agricultural soilsSiegmann, B.; Jarmer, T. ; Selige, T.; Lilienthal, H.; Richter, N.; Höfle, B.
62012Using spectroscopy and satellite imagery to assess the total iron content of soils in the Judean Desert (Israel)Jarmer, T. 
72012CEST ANALYSIS: AUTOMATED CHANGE DETECTION FROM VERY-HIGH-RESOLUTION REMOTE SENSING IMAGESEhlers, Manfred; Klonus, Sascha; Jarmer, Thomas ; Sofina, Natalia; Michel, Ulrich; Reinartz, Peter; Sirmacek, Beril
82013Spectroscopy and hyperspectral imagery for monitoring summer barleyJarmer, Thomas 
92013Radiometric Correction of Terrestrial LiDAR Data for Mapping of Harvest Residues DensityKoenig, K.; Höfle, B.; Müller, L.; Hämmerle, M.; Jarmer, T. ; Siegmann, B.; Lilienthal, H.
102014On the potential of Wireless Sensor Networks for the in-field assessment of bio-physical crop parametersBauer, J.; Siegmann, B.; Jarmer, T. ; Aschenbruck, N. 
112015Comparative classification analysis of post-harvest growth detection from terrestrial LiDAR point clouds in precision agricultureKoenig, Kristina; Hoefle, Bernhard; Haemmerle, Martin; Jarmer, Thomas ; Siegmann, Bastian; Lilienthal, Holger
122015Improved crop classification using multitemporal RapidEye dataBeyer, F.; Jarmer, T. ; Siegmann, B.; Fischer, P. 
132015Comparison of different regression models and validation techniques for the assessment of wheat leaf area index from hyperspectral dataSiegmann, Bastian; Jarmer, Thomas 
142015The Potential of Pan-Sharpened EnMAP Data for the Assessment of Wheat LAISiegmann, Bastian; Jarmer, Thomas ; Beyer, Florian; Ehlers, Manfred
152015Identification of Agricultural Crop Types in Northern Israel using Multitemporal RapidEye DataBeyer, Florian; Jarmer, Thomas ; Siegmann, Bastian
162015The tasseled cap transformation for RapidEye data and the estimation of vital and senescent crop parametersSchönert, M.; Zillmann, E.; Weichelt, H.; Eitel, J.U.H.; Magney, T.S.; Lilienthal, H.; Siegmann, B.; Jarmer, T. 
172015Crop ground cover fraction and canopy chlorophyll content mapping using rapideye imageryZillmann, E.; Schönert, M.; Lilienthal, H.; Siegmann, B.; Jarmer, T. ; Rosso, P.; Weichelt, H.
182016On the potential of Wireless Sensor Networks for the in-situ assessment of crop leaf area indexBauer, Jan; Siegmann, Bastian; Jarmer, Thomas ; Aschenbruck, Nils 
192016Regionalization of Uncovered Agricultural Soils Based on Organic Carbon and Soil Texture EstimationsKanning, Martin; Siegmann, Bastian; Jarmer, Thomas 
202016Smart fLAIr: A smartphone application for fast LAI retrieval using Ambient Light SensorsBauer, J.; Siegmann, B.; Jarmer, T. ; Aschenbruck, N.