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2021Abandonment of traditional land use and climate change threaten the survival of an endangered relict butterfly speciesScherer, Gwydion; Loeffler, Franz; Fartmann, Thomas 
2022Breeding-bird assemblages of calcareous grasslands and heathlands provide evidence for Common juniper (Juniperus communis) as a keystone speciesFartmann, Thomas ; Drung, Marco; Henning, Ole; Loeffler, Franz; Brueggeshemke, Jonas
2022Consistent signals of a warming climate in occupancy changes of three insect taxa over 40 years in central EuropeEngelhardt, Eva Katharina; Biber, Matthias F.; Dolek, Matthias; Fartmann, Thomas ; Hochkirch, Axel; Leidinger, Jan; Loeffler, Franz; Pinkert, Stefan; Poniatowski, Dominik; Voith, Johannes; Winterholler, Michael; Zeuss, Dirk; Bowler, Diana E.; Hof, Christian
2023Different environmental conditions in lowlands and uplands highlight challenges for butterfly conservation in Central EuropeLoeffler, Franz; Grueneberg, Christoph; Drung, Marco; Freienstein, Felix Maximilian; Helbing, Felix; Holtmann, Lisa; Kaempfer, Steffen; Kettermann, Marcel; Muensch, Thorsten; Poniatowski, Dominik; Streitberger, Merle; Stuhldreher, Gregor; Fartmann, Thomas 
2017Effects of landscape and habitat quality on Orthoptera assemblages of pre-alpine calcareous grasslandsLoeffler, Franz; Fartmann, Thomas 
2022Effects of local climate and habitat heterogeneity on breeding-bird assemblages of semi-natural grasslandsBrueggeshemke, Jonas; Drung, Marco; Loeffler, Franz; Fartmann, Thomas 
2017Effects of local climate, landscape structure and habitat quality on leafhopper assemblages of acidic grasslandsHelbing, Felix; Fartmann, Thomas ; Loeffler, Franz; Poniatowski, Dominik
2020Extinction debt across three taxa in well-connected calcareous grasslandsLoeffler, Franz; Poniatowski, Dominik; Fartmann, Thomas 
2016Functional connectivity as an indicator for patch occupancy in grassland specialistsPoniatowski, Dominik; Loeffler, Franz; Stuhldreher, Gregor; Borchard, Fabian; Kraemer, Benjamin; Fartmann, Thomas 
2016Genista dwarf shrubs as key structures for a Mediterranean grasshopper species on alluvial gravel banksLoeffler, Franz; Poniatowski, Dominik; Fartmann, Thomas 
2019Orthoptera community shifts in response to land-use and climate change - Lessons from a long-term study across different grassland habitatsLoeffler, Franz; Poniatowski, Dominik; Fartmann, Thomas 
2018Patch occupancy of grassland specialists: Habitat quality matters more than habitat connectivityPoniatowski, Dominik; Stuhldreher, Gregor; Loeffler, Franz; Fartmann, Thomas 
2020Relative impacts of land-use and climate change on grasshopper range shifts have changed over timePoniatowski, Dominik; Beckmann, Christian; Loeffler, Franz; Muensch, Thorsten; Helbing, Felix; Samways, Michael John; Fartmann, Thomas 
2020Response of Orthoptera assemblages to environmental change in a low-mountain range differs among grassland typesFumy, Florian; Loeffler, Franz; Samways, Michael J.; Fartmann, Thomas 
2014Response of Orthoptera communities to succession in alluvial pine woodlandsHelbing, Felix; Blaeser, Tim Peter; Loeffler, Franz; Fartmann, Thomas 
2017Small-scale positive response of terrestrial gastropods to dead-wood addition is mediated by canopy opennessKirchenbaur, Tobias; Fartmann, Thomas ; Baessler, Claus; Loeffler, Franz; Mueller, Joerg; Straetz, Christian; Seibold, Sebastian
2022Summer drought affects abundance of grassland grasshoppers differently along an elevation gradientFartmann, Thomas ; Brueggeshemke, Jonas; Poniatowski, Dominik; Loeffler, Franz
2023The importance of landscape heterogeneity and vegetation structure for the conservation of the Ortolan Bunting Emberiza hortulanaLoeffler, Franz; Fartmann, Thomas 
2022Untangling the role of a novel agroecosystem as a habitat for declining farmland birdsKaempfer, Steffen; Loeffler, Franz; Brueggeshemke, Jonas; Fartmann, Thomas