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2022--Atg9 interactions via its transmembrane domains are required for phagophore expansion during autophagyRamirez, Sabrina Chumpen; Gomez-Sanchez, Ruben; Verlhac, Pauline; Hardenberg, Ralph; Margheritis, Eleonora; Cosentino, Katia ; Reggiori, Fulvio; Ungermann, Christian 
2023Membrane permeabilization in pyroptosis at the singlemolecule levelCosentino, Katia ; Margheritis, Eleonora; Kappelhoff, Shirin
2023Molecular mechanisms of Gasdermin D pore assembly by single-molecule microscopyMargheritis, Eleonora; Kappelhoff, Shirin; Danial, John; Cosentino, Katia 
2023Pore-Forming Proteins: From Pore Assembly to Structure by Quantitative Single-Molecule ImagingMargheritis, Eleonora; Kappelhoff, Shirin; Cosentino, Katia 
2023Structure and regulation of GSDMD pores at the plasma membrane of pyroptotic cellsKappelhoff, Shirin; Holtmannspoetter, Michael; Schaefer, Stefan L; Margheritis, Eleonora; Veit, Hannah; Danial, John S H; Strauss, Sebastian; Franzkoch, Rico; Psathaki, Olympia E.; Jungmann, Ralf; Kurre, Rainer ; Hummer, Gerhard; Piehler, Jacob ; Cosentino, Katia