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2001Biological factors underlying regularity and chaos in aquatic ecosystems: Simple models of complex dynamicsMedvinsky, AB; Petrovskii, SV; Tikhonov, DA; Tikhonova, IA; Ivanitsky, GR; Venturino, E; Malchow, H 
2001Chaos and fractals in fish school motionTikhonov, DA; Enderlein, J ; Malchow, H ; Medvinsky, AB
2001Chaos and regular dynamics in model multi-habitat plankton-fish communitiesMedvinsky, AB; Petrovskii, SV; Tikhonova, IA; Venturino, E; Malchow, H 
2005Evolution of rotifer population dynamics in a heterogeneous habitat: Mathematical modelingGonik, MM; Berezovskaya, FS; Malchow, H ; Medvinsky, AB
2003Interdependence of plankton spatial patterns and temporal oscillations: Mathematical simulationMedvinsky, AB; Tikhonova, IA; Li, BL; Malchow, H 
2004Modeling the invasion of recessive Bt-resistant insects: An impact on transgenic plantsMedvinsky, AB; Morozov, AY; Velkov, VV; Li, BL; Sokolov, MS; Malchow, H 
2002Numerical study of plankton-fish dynamics in a spatially structured and noisy environmentMalchow, H ; Petrovskii, SV; Medvinsky, AB
2005Rotifer population dynamics in two coupled habitats: Invasion of chaosMedvinsky, AB; Gonik, MM; Berezovskaya, FS; Li, BL; Malchow, H 
2002Spatiotemporal complexity of plankton and fish dynamicsMedvinsky, AB; Petrovskii, SV; Tikhonova, IA; Malchow, H ; Li, BL
2003The impact of the Phytoplankton growth rate on spatial and temporal dynamics of plankton communities in a heterogeneous environmentTikhonova, IA; Li, BL; Malchow, H ; Medvinsky, AB
2004Time delay as a key factor of model plankton dynamicsMedvinsky, AB; Tikhonova, TA; Li, BL; Malchow, H