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1996Adjuvant therapy with oil baths for inflammatory dermatoses with dry and barrier-disturbed skinMelnik, B; BraunFalco, O
2000Erysipelas carcinomatosum from gastric tubular adenocarcinomaHariry, H; Abeler, T; Melnik, B; Vakilzadeh, F
1997Food intolerance - Pseudoallergic reactions induced by biogenic amines.Melnik, B; Szliska, C; Nohle, M; Schwanitz, HJ
2003Lipid composition of outer stratum corneum in hereditary palmoplantar keratodermasKuster, W; Melnik, B; Traupe, H; Hamm, H
2002Malignant atrophic papulosis (Kohlmeier-Degos disease). Failure to respond to interferon alpha-2a, pentoxifylline and aspirinMelnik, B; Hariry, H; Vakilzadeh, F; Gropp, C; Sitzer, G
1997Oral treatment of scabies with ivermectinTzenow, I; Wehmeier, M; Melnik, B