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2019Ecological Vulnerability Through Insurance? Potential Unintended Consequences of Livestock Drought InsuranceJohn, Felix; Toth, Russell; Frank, Karin ; Groeneveld, Juergen; Mueller, Birgit
2014How do individual farmers' objectives influence the evaluation of rangeland management strategies under a variable climate?Jakoby, Oliver; Quaas, Martin F.; Mueller, Birgit; Baumgaertner, Stefan; Frank, Karin 
2014How much climate change can pastoral livelihoods tolerate? Modelling rangeland use and evaluating riskMartin, Romina; Mueller, Birgit; Linstaedter, Anja; Frank, Karin 
2019Implications of behavioral change for the resilience of pastoral systems-Lessons from an agent-based modelDressler, Gunnar; Groeneveld, Juergen; Buchmann, Carsten M.; Guo, Cheng; Hase, Niklas; Thober, Jule; Frank, Karin ; Mueller, Birgit
2021Informal risk-sharing between smallholders may be threatened by formal insurance: Lessons from a stylized agent-based modelWill, Meike; Groeneveld, Juergen; Frank, Karin ; Mueller, Birgit
2016Livelihood security in face of drought - Assessing the vulnerability of pastoral householdsMartin, Romina; Linstaedter, Anja; Frank, Karin ; Mueller, Birgit
2019Polarization in (post)nomadic resource use in Eastern Morocco: insights using a multi-agent simulation modelDressler, Gunnar; Hoffmann, Falk; Breuer, Ingo; Kreuer, David; Mahdi, Mohamed; Frank, Karin ; Mueller, Birgit
2019The potential of models and modeling for social-ecological systems research: the reference frame ModSESSchlueter, Maja; Mueller, Birgit; Frank, Karin 
2016Towards thresholds of disaster management performance under demographic change: exploring functional relationships using agent-based modelingDressler, Gunnar; Mueller, Birgit; Frank, Karin ; Kuhlicke, Christian