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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Comparative Perspective on the Role of Acoustic Cues in Detecting Language StructureMueller, Jutta L.; ten Cate, Carel; Toro, Juan M.
2022A Special Role of Syllables, But Not Vowels or Consonants, for Nonadjacent Dependency LearningWeyers, Ivonne; Mueller, Jutta L.
2014Brain Signature of Working Memory for Sentence Structure: Enriched Encoding and Facilitated MaintenanceBonhage, Corinna E.; Fiebach, Christian J.; Bahlmann, Joerg; Mueller, Jutta L.
2015Combined eye tracking and fMRI reveals neural basis of linguistic predictions during sentence comprehensionBonhage, Corinna E.; Mueller, Jutta L.; Friederici, Angela D.; Fiebach, Christian J.
2022Constraints on infants' ability to extract non-adjacent dependencies from vowels and consonantsWeyers, Ivonne; Maennel, Claudia; Mueller, Jutta L.
2019Developmental changes in automatic rule-learning mechanisms across early childhoodMueller, Jutta L.; Friederici, Angela D.; Maennel, Claudia
2019Distinct Neural Processes for Memorizing Form and Meaning Within SentencesMascelloni, Matteo; Zamparelli, Roberto; Vespignani, Francesco; Gruber, Thomas ; Mueller, Jutta L.
2015Electroencephalographic and hemodynamic correlates of infant hierarchical rule processingWinkler, Marina; Mueller, Jutta L.; Friederici, Angela D.; Koch, Stefan; Mehnert, Jan; Männel, Claudia
2016Electrophysiological Correlates of Second-Language Syntactic Processes Are Related to Native and Second Language Distance Regardless of Age of AcquisitionDiaz, Begona; Erdocia, Kepa; de Menezes, Robert F.; Mueller, Jutta L.; Sebastian-Galles, Nuria; Laka, Itziar
2014Evidence of hierarchical rule learning in 5-month-old infantsWinkler, Marina; Mueller, Jutta L.; Friederici, Angela D.; Koch, Stefan; Männel, Claudia
2016Evolutionary origins of non-adjacent sequence processing in primate brain potentials2Milne, Alice E.; Mueller, Jutta L.; Maennel, Claudia; Attaheri, Adam; Friederici, Angela D.; Petkov, Christopher I.
2019Exploring the mechanisms of adult word learning by modulating temporal congruency and object modalityCosper, Samuel H.; Männel, Claudia; Mueller, Jutta L.
2016Fronto-Parietal Contributions to Phonological Processes in Successful Artificial Grammar LearningGoranskaya, Dariya; Kreitewolf, Jens; Mueller, Jutta L.; Friederici, Angela D.; Hartwigsen, Gesa
2021Gradual development of non-adjacent dependency learning during early childhoodPaul, Mariella; Mannel, Claudia; van der Kant, Anne; Mueller, Jutta L.; Hohle, Barbara; Wartenburger, Isabell; Friederici, Angela D.
2020How Abstract (Non-embodied) Linguistic Representations Augment Cognitive ControlKompa, Nikola A.; Mueller, Jutta L.
2020In the absence of visual input: Electrophysiological evidence of infants' mapping of labels onto auditory objectsCosper, Samuel H.; Mannel, Claudia; Mueller, Jutta L.
2018Infant’s mapping of novel words onto auditory referentsCosper, Samuel H.; Männel, Claudia; Mueller, Jutta L.
2022Inner speech as a cognitive tool-or what is the point of talking to oneself?Kompa, Nikola A.; Mueller, Jutta L.
2015Little grammar experts: 5-month-old infants’ mismatch responses reveal the ability to process a triple center-embeddingWinkler, Marina; Männel, Claudia; Friederici, Angela D.; Mueller, Jutta L.
2018Mapping novel words onto auditory referents in infants and adults: An ERP studyCosper, Samuel H.; Männel, Claudia; Mueller, Jutta L.