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2015A Direct Electrophysiological Demonstration of Object Based Sensory ProcessingOssandon, Jose P.; Kietzmann, Tim C.; Timm, Silja; Koenig, Peter 
2012Combining EEG and eye tracking: identification, characterization, and correction of eye movement artifacts in electroencephalographic dataPloechl, Michael; Ossandon, Jose P.; Koenig, Peter 
2017Data Descriptor: An extensive dataset of eye movements during viewing of complex imagesWilming, Niklas ; Onat, Selim ; Ossandon, Jose P.; Acik, Alper ; Kietzmann, Tim C.; Kaspar, Kai ; Gameiro, Ricardo R.; Vormberg, Alexandra ; Koenig, Peter 
2016Eye movements as a window to cognitive processesKoenig, Peter ; Wilming, Niklas ; Kietzmann, Tim C.; Ossandon, Jose P.; Onat, Selim ; Ehinger, Benedikt V. ; Gameiro, Ricardo R.; Kaspar, Kai 
2017Humans treat unreliable filled-in percepts as more real than veridical onesEhinger, Benedikt V. ; Haeusser, Katja ; Ossandon, Jose P.; Koenig, Peter 
2018Interindividual differences among native right-to-left readers and native left-to-right readers during free viewing taskAfsari, Zaeinab ; Keshava, Ashima ; Ossandon, Jose P.; Koenig, Peter 
2015Irrelevant tactile stimulation biases visual exploration in external coordinatesOssandon, Jose P.; Koenig, Peter ; Heed, Tobias 
2020No Evidence for a Role of Spatially Modulated alpha-Band Activity in Tactile Remapping and Short-Latency, Overt Orienting BehaviorOssandon, Jose P.; Koenig, Peter ; Heed, Tobias 
2015Predictions of Visual Content across Eye Movements and Their Modulation by Inferred InformationEhinger, Benedikt V. ; Koenig, Peter ; Ossandon, Jose P.
2014Spatial biases in viewing behaviorOssandon, Jose P.; Onat, Selim ; Koenig, Peter 
2016STN-DBS Reduces Saccadic Hypometria but Not Visuospatial Bias in Parkinson's Disease PatientsFischer, Petra ; Ossandon, Jose P.; Keyser, Johannes ; Gulberti, Alessandro ; Wilming, Niklas ; Hamel, Wolfgang ; Koeppen, Johannes ; Buhmann, Carsten ; Westphal, Manfred; Gerloff, Christian ; Moll, Christian K. E. ; Engel, Andreas K. ; Koenig, Peter 
2010Superposition Model Predicts EEG Occipital Activity during Free Viewing of Natural ScenesOssandon, Jose P.; Helo, Andrea V.; Montefusco-Siegmund, Rodrigo; Maldonado, Pedro E.
2016The dynamic effect of reading direction habit on spatial asymmetry of image perceptionAfsari, Zaeinab ; Ossandon, Jose P.; Koenig, Peter 
2012Unmasking the contribution of low-level features to the guidance of attentionOssandon, Jose P.; Onat, Selim ; Cazzoli, Dario; Nyffeler, Thomas; Mueri, Rene; Koenig, Peter