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2005CBR for state value function approximation in reinforcement learningGabel, T; Riedmiller, M
2005Evolution of computer vision subsystems in robot navigation and image classification tasksLange, S; Riedmiller, M
2004Machine learning for autonomous robotsRiedmiller, M
2005Modeling moving objects in a dynamically changing robot applicationLauer, M; Lange, S; Riedmiller, M
2005Neural fitted Q iteration - First experiences with a data efficient neural reinforcement learning methodRiedmiller, M
2005Reinforcement learning using a grid based function approximatorSung, A; Merke, A; Riedmiller, M
2004RoboCup-2003 - New scientific and technical advancesPagello, E; Menegatti, E; Bredenfel, A; Costa, P; Christaller, T; Jacoff, A; Polani, D; Riedmiller, M; Saffiotti, A; Sklar, E; Tomoichi, T
2004RoboCup: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow workshop of the Executive Committee in Blaubeuren, October 2003Burkhard, HD; Asada, M; Bonarini, A; Jacoff, A; Nardi, D; Riedmiller, M; Sammut, C; Sklar, E; Veloso, M