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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20052D metamaterials with hexagonal structure: spatial resonances and near field imagingZhuromskyy, O; Shamonina, E; Solymar, L
2001A systematic approach to diffusion recording in photorefractive sillenite crystalsHu, Y; Shamonina, E; Kamenov, VP; Ringhofer, KH; Gayvoronsky, VY; Shepelevich, VV
2005A theory of metamaterials based on periodically loaded transmission lines: Interaction between magnetoinductive and electromagnetic wavesSyms, RRA; Shamonina, E; Kalinin, V; Solymar, L
2005Absorbing terminations for magneto-inductive waveguidesSyms, RRA; Solymar, L; Shamonina, E
2006An experimental study of the properties of magnetoinductive waves in the presence of retardationRadkovskaya, A; Shamonin, M; Stevens, CJ; Faulkner, G; Edwards, DJ; Shamonina, E; Solymar, L
2002Configurations optimizing the directivity of planar ArraysShamonina, E; Ringhofer, KH; Solymar, L
2004Diamagnetic properties of metamaterials: a magnetostatic analogyShamonina, E; Solymar, L
2000Diffusion recording in photorefractive sillenite crystals: an analytical approach for engineering purposesShamonina, E; Hu, Y; Kamenov, VP; Ringhofer, KH; Gayvoronsky, VY; Nichiporko, SF; Zagorskiy, AE; Egorov, NN; Shepelevich, VV
1996Dynamic holography with nonplane waves in sillenitesShamonina, E; Mann, M; Ringhofer, KH; Kiessling, A; Kowarschik, R
2002Effective magnetic properties of a composite material with circular conductive elementsGorkunov, M; Lapine, M; Shamonina, E; Ringhofer, KH
2001Energy exchange optimization in (110)-cut BTO crystal by choice of interacting waves polarizationZagorskiy, AE; Shepelevich, VV; Nichiporko, SF; Egorov, NN; Hu, Y; Ringhofer, KH; Shamonina, E
1996Excitation of higher spatial harmonics by a moving light pattern in sillenitesMcClelland, TE; Webb, DJ; Sturman, BI; Shamonina, E; Mann, M; Ringhofer, KH
2004Experimental and theoretical study of magneto-inductive waves supported by one-dimensional arrays of ``swiss rolls''Wiltshire, MCK; Shamonina, E; Young, IR; Solymar, L
2000Feedback-controlled running holograms in strongly absorbing photorefractive materialsFrejlich, J; Freschi, AA; Garcia, PM; Shamonina, E; Gayvoronsky, VY; Ringhofer, KH
1999Gain optimization with respect to the thickness of a sillenite crystalShepelevich, VV; Hu, Y; Firsov, A; Shamonina, E; Ringhofer, KH
1998Giant momentary readout produced by switching electric fields during two-wave mixing in sillenitesShamonina, E; Ringhofer, KH; Sturman, BI; Kamenov, VP; Cedilnik, G; Esselbach, M; Kiessling, A; Kowarschik, R; Kamshilin, AA; Prokofiev, VV; Jaaskelainen, T
2001Imaging, compression and Poynting vector streamlines for negative permittivity materialsShamonina, E; Kalinin, VA; Ringhofer, KH; Solymar, L
1996Investigation of stochastic photorefractive backscatteringShamonina, E; Sturman, BI; Odoulov, SG; Ringhofer, KH
1997Investigation of two-wave mixing in arbitrary oriented sillenite crystalsShamonina, E; Cedilnik, G; Mann, M; Kiessling, A; Webb, DJ; Kowarschik, R; Ringhofer, KH
2002Magneto-inductive waveguideShamonina, E; Kalinin, VA; Ringhofer, KH; Solymar, L