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2021Allergic contact dermatitis to rubber accelerators in protective gloves: problems, challenges and solutions for occupational skin protectionHansen, A.; Brans, R. ; Sonsmann, F.
2017Barrier Regenerative Effects through the Application of semi- permeable Membrane Gloves under the occlusive Glove Protection - Investigation on Skin PhysiologyHeichel, T.; John, S. M. ; Sonsmann, F.; Wilke, A.; Nordheider, K.; Strunk, M.
2011Development of a common health and Safety Recommendation for the Hairdresser's in EuropeBraumann, A.; Sonsmann, F.; John, S. M. ; Wulfhorst, B.
2019ForMulA UV 2.0: Validation, Implementation and Evaluation of a Advanced Traning for Multipliers for the Prevention of Skin Cancer caused by natural UV Radiation among Employees in Outdoor OccupationsLudewig, M.; Rocholl, M.; John, S. M. ; Sonsmann, F.; Wilke, A.
2015``I cannot Work with Gloves!'' - Challenges and Solutions in the Selection of Appropriate Protective GlovesSonsmann, F.; John, S. M. ; Wulfhorst, B.; Wilke, A.
2015``If I had known this before!'' - Prevention of Occupational Skin Diseases by Health Educational Training and CounselingWilke, A.; John, S. M. ; Wulfhorst, B.; Sonsmann, F.
2014In-vivo evaluation of occupational skin cleansers - Final scientific report of the DGUV research project FP 276 [In-vivo-evaluierung von hautreinigungsprodukten - Wissenschaftlicher abschlussbericht des DGUV-forschungsprojektes FP 276]Schliemann, S.; Diepgen, T.L.; John, S.M. ; Antonov, D.; Bock, M.; Gediga, K.; Landeck, L.; Matterne, U.; Scheidt, R.; Seyfarth, F.; Sonsmann, F.; Vollmer, U.; Weisshaar, E.; Elsner, P.
2018The implementation of knowledge dissemination in the prevention of occupational skin diseasesWilke, A.; Bollmann, U.; Cazzaniga, S.; Huebner, A.; John, S. M. ; Karadzinska-Bislimovska, J.; Mijakoski, D.; Simic, D.; Simon, D.; Sonsmann, F.; Stoleski, S.; Weinert, P.; Wulfhorst, B.
2017User Acceptability and Effectiveness of semipermeable Folding Gloves for Healthcare Employees - Long-term Application studyHeichel, T.; Sonsmann, F.; Strunk, M.; Wilke, A.; John, S. M.