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2023A coupled multitemporal UAV-based LiDAR and multispectral data approach to model dry biomass of maizeRettig, Robert; Storch, Marcel; Wittstruck, Lucas; Ansah, Christabel Edena; Bald, Richard Janis; Richard, David; Trautz, Dieter; Jarmer, Thomas 
2023A UAV-based rut depth detection - A potential for evaluating soil compaction on farmlandsAnsah, Christabel Edena; Rettig, Robert; Storch, Marcel; Jarmer, Thomas 
2022Conflicted landscapes: The Kall Trail. Monitoring transformations of a Second World War heritage site using UAV-lidar remote sensing and ground truthingAdam, Mirjam; Storch, Marcel; Rass, Christoph 
2023Detecting Historical Terrain Anomalies With UAV-LiDAR Data Using Spline-Approximation and Support Vector MachinesStorch, Marcel; de Lange, Norbert ; Jarmer, Thomas ; Waske, Bjorn 
2022Systematic Approach for Remote Sensing of Historical Conflict Landscapes with UAV-Based LaserscanningStorch, Marcel; Jarmer, Thomas ; Adam, Mirjam; de Lange, Norbert