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2014A Refined Reaction-Diffusion Model of Tau-Microtubule Dynamics and Its Application in FDAP AnalysisIgaev, Maxim; Janning, Dennis; Suendermann, Frederik; Niewidok, Benedikt; Brandt, Roland ; Junge, Wolfgang 
2016An evolutionary roadmap to the microtubule-associated protein MAP TauSuendermann, Frederik; Fernandez, Maria-Pilar; Morgan, Reginald O.
2018Annexins A2 and A6 interact with the extreme N terminus of tau and thereby contribute to tau's axonal localizationGauthier-Kemper, Anne; Suarez Alonso, Maria; Suendermann, Frederik; Niewidok, Benedikt; Fernandez, Maria-Pilar; Bakota, Lidia; Heinisch, Juergen Josef; Brandt, Roland 
2020Chronic Presence of Oligomeric A beta Differentially Modulates Spine Parameters in the Hippocampus and Cortex of Mice With Low APP Transgene ExpressionHrynchak, Mariya; Rierola, Marina; Golovyashkina, Nataliya; Penazzi, Lorene; Pump, Wiebke C.; David, Bastian; Suendermann, Frederik; Brandt, Roland ; Bakota, Lidia
2017DMSO modulates CNS function in a preclinical Alzheimer's disease modelPenazzi, Lorene; Lorengel, Julia; Suendermann, Frederik; Golovyashkina, Nataliya; Marre, Stefan; Mathis, Chantal M. B.; Lewejohann, Lars ; Brandt, Roland ; Bakota, Lidia
2014Interplay between phosphorylation and palmitoylation mediates plasma membrane targeting and sorting of GAP43Gauthier-Kemper, Anne; Igaev, Maxim; Suendermann, Frederik; Janning, Dennis; Bruehmann, Joerg; Moschner, Katharina; Reyher, Hans-Juergen; Junge, Wolfgang ; Glebov, Konstantin; Walter, Jochen; Bakota, Lidia; Brandt, Roland 
2016Presence of a carboxy-terminal pseudorepeat and disease-like pseudohyperphosphorylation critically influence tau's interaction with microtubules in axon-like processesNiewidok, Benedikt; Igaev, Maxim; Suendermann, Frederik; Janning, Dennis; Bakota, Lidia; Brandt, Roland 
2014RNA Protein Granules Modulate tau Isoform Expression and Induce Neuronal SproutingMoschner, Katharina; Suendermann, Frederik; Meyer, Heiko; da Graca, Abel Pereira; Appel, Neele; Paululat, Achim ; Bakota, Lidia; Brandt, Roland 
2014Single-molecule tracking of tau reveals fast kiss-and-hop interaction with microtubules in living neuronsJanning, Dennis; Igaev, Maxim; Suendermann, Frederik; Bruehmann, Joerg; Beutel, Oliver; Heinisch, Juergen J.; Bakota, Lidia; Piehler, Jacob ; Junge, Wolfgang ; Brandt, Roland 
2010The Rab GTPase Ypt7 is linked to retromer-mediated receptor recycling and fusion at the yeast late endosomeBalderhaar, Henning J. Kleine; Arlt, Henning ; Ostrowicz, Clemens; Broecker, Cornelia; Suendermann, Frederik; Brandt, Roland ; Babst, Markus; Ungermann, Christian