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2021Arable vegetation of calcareous soils (Caucalidion) Plant community of the year 2022Bergmeier, Erwin; Meyer, Stefan; Pape, Fionn; Dierschke, Hartmut; Haerdtle, Werner; Heinken, Thilo; Hoelzel, Norbert; Remy, Dominique ; Schwabe, Angelika; Tischew, Sabine; Schneider, Simone
2021Effects of perennial wildflower strips and landscape structure on birds in intensively farmed agricultural landscapesSchmidt, Annika; Fartmann, Thomas ; Kiehl, Kathrin; Kirmer, Anita; Tischew, Sabine
2021Evaluating CAP wildflower strips: High‐quality seed mixtures significantly improve plant diversity and related pollen and nectar resourcesSchmidt, Annika; Kirmer, Anita; Hellwig, Niels; Kiehl, Kathrin; Tischew, Sabine
2018Plant Community of the Year 2019: Oatgras MeadowTischew, Sabine; Dierschke, Hartmut; Schwabe, Angelika; Garve, Eckhard; Heinken, Thilo; Holzel, Norbert; Bergmeier, Erwin; Remy, Dominique ; Haerdtle, Werner
2019Plant Community of the Year 2020: Mat grassland (Nardus stricta grassland)Schwabe, Angelika; Tischew, Sabine; Bergmeier, Erwin; Garve, Eckhard; Haerdtle, Werner; Heinken, Thilo; Hoelzel, Norbert; Peppler-Lisbach, Cord; Remy, Dominique ; Dierschke, Hartmut
2020Plant community of the year 2021: Hardwood floodplain forest (Ficario-Ulmetum)Hardtle, Werner; Bergmeier, Erwin; Fichtner, Andreas; Heinken, Thilo; Holzel, Norbert; Remy, Dominique ; Schneider, Simone; Schwabe, Angelika; Tischew, Sabine; Dierschke, Hartmut
2022Plant Community of the Year 2023: Vegetation of amphibious plants in nutrient-poor waters (Littorelletea uniflorae p.p.)Remy, Dominique ; Tischew, Sabine; Dierschke, Hartmut; Heinken, Thilo; Hoelzel, Norbert; Bergmeier, Erwin; Schneider, Simone; Horn, Karsten; Haerdtle, Werner
2020Seed mixture strongly affects species-richness and quality of perennial flower strips on fertile soilSchmidt, Annika; Kirmer, Anita; Kiehl, Kathrin; Tischew, Sabine