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1996Early interactional quality and aspects of subsequent language acquisitionKeller, H ; Volker, S; Wessing, P
1997Intuitive parenting and infant behavior: Concepts, implications, and empirical validationLohaus, A; Keller, H ; Volker, S; Cappenberg, M; Chasiotis, A
1999Maternal interactive behaviour in early infancy and later attachmentVolker, S; Keller, H ; Lohaus, A; Cappenberg, M; Chasiotis, A
1998Perceived infant problems and maternal interactional quality: An analysis of longitudinal relationsLohaus, A; Volker, S; Keller, H ; Cappenberg, M; Chasiotis, A
1996Psychobiological aspects of infant cryingKeller, H ; Chasiotis, A; RisauPeters, J; Volker, S; Zach, U; Restemeier, R
1999Temporal contingency as an independent component of parenting behaviorKeller, H ; Lohaus, A; Volker, S; Cappenberg, M; Chasiotis, A
2003Warmth and contingency and their relationship to maternal attitudes toward parentingKeller, H ; Lohaus, A; Volker, S; Elben, C; Ball, J
2005Young infants' vocalizations towards mother versus stranger: Associations with the infant-mother relationshipVolker, S