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2017Binding of interferon reduces the force of unfolding for interferon receptor 1Chuartzman, Silvia G.; Nevo, Reinat; Waichman, Sharon; Shental, Dalit; Piehler, Jacob ; Levy, Yaakov; Reich, Ziv; Kapon, Ruti
2012Controlled Protein Confinement in Phase-Separated Membranes Tethered onto Micro-Patterned SupportsRoder, Friedrich; Waichman, Sharon; Beutel, Oliver; Paterok, Dirk; Piehler, Jacob 
2013Diffusion and Interaction Dynamics of Individual Membrane Protein Complexes Confined in Micropatterned Polymer-Supported MembranesWaichman, Sharon; Roder, Friedrich; Richter, Christian P.; Birkholz, Oliver; Piehler, Jacob 
2010Functional Immobilization and Patterning of Proteins by an Enzymatic Transfer ReactionWaichman, Sharon; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Podoplelova, Yulia; Reichel, Annett; Brunk, Ariane; Paterok, Dirk; Piehler, Jacob 
2014Live cell micropatterning reveals the dynamics of signaling complexes at the plasma membraneLoechte, Sara; Waichman, Sharon; Beutel, Oliver; You, Changjiang ; Piehler, Jacob 
2011Maleimide Photolithography for Single-Molecule Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis in MicropatternsWaichman, Sharon; You, Changjiang ; Beutel, Oliver; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Piehler, Jacob 
2010Maleimide-based functional protein micro-patterningWaichman, Sharon; Bhagawati, Maniraj; You, Changjiang ; Roder, Friedrich; Podoplelova, Yulia; Piehler, Jacob 
2012Photopatterning for probing protein-protein interactions in artificial model systems and live cellsWaichman, Sharon
2011Reconstitution of Membrane Proteins into Polymer-Supported Membranes for Probing Diffusion and Interactions by Single Molecule TechniquesRoder, Friedrich; Waichman, Sharon; Paterok, Dirk; Schubert, Robin; Richter, Christian; Liedberg, Bo; Piehler, Jacob