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2010A block of endocytosis of the yeast cell wall integrity sensors Wsc1 and Wsc2 results in reduced fitness in vivoWilk, Sabrina; Wittland, Janina; Thywissen, Andreas; Schmitz, Hans-Peter ; Heinisch, Juergen J.
2010Charakterisierung der Sensoren des Zellintegritätswegs der Hefe Saccharomyces cerevisiaeWilk, Sabrina
2011How do I begin? Sensing extracellular stress to maintain yeast cell wall integrityJendretzki, Arne; Wittland, Janina; Wilk, Sabrina; Straede, Andrea; Heinisch, Juergen J.
2010Single-Molecule Atomic Force Microscopy Reveals Clustering of the Yeast Plasma-Membrane Sensor Wsc1Heinisch, Juergen J.; Dupres, Vincent; Wilk, Sabrina; Jendretzki, Arne; Dufrene, Yves F.
2009The yeast Wsc1 cell surface sensor behaves like a nanospring in vivoDupres, Vincent; Alsteens, David; Wilk, Sabrina; Hansen, Benjamin; Heinisch, Juergen J.; Dufrene, Yves F.