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1999Non-mitochondrial ATP transportWinkler, HH; Neuhaus, HE
1998Occurrence of two plastidic ATP/ADP transporters in Arabidopsis thaliana L - Molecular characterisation and comparative structural analysis of similar ATP/ADP translocators from plastids and Rickettsia prowazekiiMohlmann, T; Tjaden, J; Schwoppe, C; Winkler, HH; Kampfenkel, K; Neuhaus, HE
2003Phylogenetic relationships of non-mitochondrial nucleotide transport proteins in bacteria and eukaryotesLinka, N; Hurka, H; Lang, BF; Burger, G; Winkler, HH; Stamme, C; Urbany, C; Seil, I; Kusch, J; Neuhaus, HE
1999Two nucleotide transport proteins in Chlamydia trachomatis, one for net nucleoside triphosphate uptake and the other for transport of energyTjaden, J; Winkler, HH; Schwoppe, C; Van der Laan, M; Mohlmann, T; Neuhaus, HE