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2007Insight to UV-induced formation of laser damage on LiB3O5 optical surfaces during long-term sum-frequency generationMoeller, S.; Andresen, A.; Merschjann, C.; Zimmermann, B.; Prinz, M.; Imlau, M. 
2009Structural phase transition of ultra thin PrO2 films on Si(111)Gevers, S.; Weisemoeller, T.; Zimmermann, B.; Bertram, F. ; Deiter, C.; Wollschlaeger, J.
2010Structure and stability of cub-Pr2O3 films on Si(111) under post deposition annealing conditionsGevers, S.; Weisemoeller, T.; Zimmermann, B.; Deiter, C.; Wollschläger, J. 
2012X-ray diffraction study on size effects in epitaxial magnetite thin films on MgO(001)Bertram, F. ; Deiter, C.; Hoefert, O.; Schemme, T. ; Timmer, F.; Suendorf, M.; Zimmermann, B.; Wollschlaeger, J.