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2002Charge localization in collision-induced multiple ionization of van der Waals clusters with highly charged ionsTappe, W; Flesch, R; Ruhl, E; Hoekstra, R; Schlatholter, T
2018Electron-driven spin diffusion supports crossing the diffusion barrier in MAS DNPWittmann, Johannes J.; Eckardt, Michael ; Harneit, Wolfgang ; Corzilius, Bjoern
1999Electronic versus vibrational excitation in Heq+ collisions with fullerenesSchlatholter, T; Hadjar, O; Manske, J; Hoekstra, R; Morgenstern, R
2012Excited States of Dicyanovinyl-Substituted Oligothiophenes from Many-Body Green's Functions TheoryBaumeier, Bjoern; Andrienko, Denis; Ma, Yuchen; Rohlfing, Michael
2020Readout and control of an endofullerene electronic spinPinto, Dinesh; Paone, Domenico; Kern, Bastian; Dierker, Tim; Wieczorek, Rene ; Singha, Aparajita; Dasari, Durga; Finkler, Amit; Harneit, Wolfgang ; Wrachtrup, Joerg; Kern, Klaus
2008Repulsive interaction and contrast inversion in noncontact atomic force microscopy imaging of adsorbatesRahe, P. ; Bechstein, R.; Schuette, J.; Ostendorf, F.; Kuehnle, A.
2004Testing the magnetism of polymerized fullereneBoukhvalov, DW; Karimov, PF; Kurmaev, EZ; Hamilton, T; Moewes, A; Finkelstein, LD; Katsnelson, MI; Davydov, VA; Rakhmanina, AV; Makarova, TL; Kopelevich, Y; Chiuzbaian, S; Neumann, M