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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A Molecular Gearbox: The Mechanical And Regulatory Complexity Of The Vacuolar ATPase RevealedMuench, Stephen P. ; Huss, Markus ; Phillips, Clair; Wieczorek, Helmut ; Trinick, John ; Harrison, Michael A. 
2012Ammonia excretion in the freshwater planarian Schmidtea mediterraneaWeihrauch, Dirk; Chan, Ainsely C.; Meyer, Heiko; Doering, Carmen; Sourial, Mary; O'Donnell, Michael J.
2017Ammonia excretion in the marine polychaete Eurythoe complanata (Annelida)Thiel, Daniel; Hugenschuett, Maja; Meyer, Heiko; Paululat, Achim ; Quijada-Rodriguez, Alex R.; Purschke, Guenter ; Weihrauch, Dirk
2010Ammonia uptake in Manduca sexta midgut is mediated by an amiloride sensitive cation/proton exchanger: Transport studies and mRNA expression analysis of NHE7, 9, NHE8, and V-ATPase (subunit D)Blaesse, Anne-Kathrin; Broehan, Gunnar; Meyer, Heiko; Merzendorfer, Hans ; Weihrauch, Dirk
2005Archazolid A and apicularen A, novel specific V-ATPase inhibitorsHuss, M. ; Sasse, F.; Kunze, B.; Wieczorek, H. 
1994Bafilomycin and Concanamycin Derivatives as Specific Inhibitors of P- and V-Type ATPasesDröse, Stefan; Bindseil, K. U.; Bowman, E. J.; Zeeck, A.; Altendorf, Karlheinz 
1997Bafilomycins and concanamycins as inhibitors of V-ATPases and P-ATPasesDrose, S; Altendorf, K 
1997Bafilomycins and concanamycins as inhibitors of V-ATPases and P-ATPases.Dröse, Stefan; Altendorf, Karlheinz 
2007Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel analogues of archazolid: A highly potent simplified V-ATPase inhibitorMenche, Dirk ; Hassfeld, Jorma; Sasse, Florenz; Huss, Markus ; Wieczorek, Helmut 
2016EPR Studies of V-ATPase with Spin-Labeled Inhibitors DCC and Archazolid: Interaction Dynamics with Proton Translocating Subunit cGoelz, Jan Philipp; Bockelmann, Svenja ; Mayer, Kerstin; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen ; Wieczorek, Helmut ; Huss, Markus ; Klare, Johann P.; Menche, Dirk 
2002Expression of Manduca sexta V-ATPase genes mvB, mvG and mvd is regulated by ecdysteroidsReineke, S; Wieczorek, H ; Merzendorfer, H 
2005Faculty Opinions recommendation of Structure of the rotor of the V-Type Na+-ATPase from Enterococcus hirae.Junge, Wolfgang 
2003Faculty Opinions recommendation of The membrane domain of the Na+-motive V-ATPase from Enterococcus hirae contains a heptameric rotor.Junge, Wolfgang 
2005G-actin binding and F-actin bundling: novel functions of the V-ATPase subunit CVitavska, O. ; Merzendorfer, H. ; Wieczorek, H. 
2007Influence of ATP and ADP on dissociation of the V-ATPase into its V-1 and V-O complexesHuss, Markus ; Wieczorek, Helmut 
2009Inhibitors of V-ATPases: old and new playersHuss, Markus ; Wieczorek, Helmut 
2002Insect midgut K+ secretion: concerted run-down of apical/basolateral transporters with extra-/intracellular acidityZeiske, WG; Meyer, H; Wieczorek, H 
2009Proton Translocation and ATP Synthesis by the F o F 1 -ATPase of Purple BacteriaFeniouk, Boris A.; Junge, Wolfgang 
1998Structure and function of the Kdp-ATPase of Escherichia coliAltendorf, K ; Gassel, M; Puppe, W; Mollenkamp, T; Zeeck, A; Boddien, C; Fendler, K; Bamberg, E; Drose, S
2000Structure and regulation of insect plasma membrane H(+)V-ATPaseWieczorek, Helmut ; Grber, G; Harvey, William R.; Huss, Markus ; Merzendorfer, Hans ; Zeiske, Wolfgang