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2002Coordination chemistry of tin: Part III. The crystal structure and thermal behavior of dipotassium dimethyl-tetrafluoro-stannate dihydrate, K2[(CH3)2SnF4]· 2H2OAbdelhalim Ahmed, I.; Kastner, G.; Reuter, H. ; Schultze, D.
2011Structural and electronic characterization of supported Ni and Au catalysts used in environment protection determined by XRD, XAS and XPS methodsAldea, N.; Rednic, V.; Matei, F.; Hu, T.; Neumann, M.
2016Structural, magnetic, and Magneto optical properties of Fe3O4/NiO bilayers on MgO(001)Wollschläger, J. ; Schemme, T. ; Kuschel, O.; Witziok, M.; Kuschel, T. ; Kuepper, K.