Babitsch, Birgit

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Babitsch, Birgit
Babitsch, B
Babitsch, Birgit
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12012Situation and Perspectives of Public Health in Germany - Research and Teaching Position Paper of the German Public Health AssociationGerlinger, T.; Babitsch, B. ; Blaettner, B.; Bolte, G.; Brandes, I.; Dierks, M. -L; Faller, G.; Gerhardus, A.; Gusy, B.; Deutsch Gesell Public Hlth
22012Re-revisiting Andersen's Behavioral Model of Health Services Use: A systematic review of studies from 1998-2011 [Das Verhaltensmodell der Inanspruchnahme gesundheitsbezogener Versorgung von Andersen re-revisited: Ein systematischer Review von Studien zwischen 1998-2011]Babitsch, B. ; Gohl, D.; von Lengerke, T.
32012Geschlechterforschung und Gesundheitsförderung: Anforderungen an die FachdidaktikBabitsch, Birgit ; Jahn, Ingeborg
42013Therapeutic approaches for obesity and comorbidities in young immigrantsWiegand, S.; Babitsch, B. 
52013Effect of practice fees on the use of emergency department services. A before and after studyDavid, M.; Babitsch, B. ; Klein, N.; Moeckel, M.; Borde, T.
62014Health care utilization: Insights from qualitative researchBabitsch, B. ; Berger, C.; Borgetto, B.; Ciupitu-Plath, C.-C.
72014Migration and health care utilization in the European contextCiupitu-Plath, C.C.; Gohl, D.; Kofahl, C.; Babitsch, B. 
82014Re-revisiting the behavioral model of health care utilization by Andersen: A review on theoretical advances and perspectivesVon Lengerke, T.; Gohl, D.; Babitsch, B. 
92014Gender and utilization of health careBabitsch, B. ; Bormann, C.; Gohl, D.; Ciupitu-Plath, C.C.
102015Children's Rehabilitation Care Study: An evaluation of the provision with medical equipmentRöwekamp, F; Rohde, Thomas; Michael, Tomy; Unrath, Michael; Babitsch, Birgit 
112015Extended explanations of health inequality - The ``Capability Approach'' and its innovative contribution to the determination of social inequality measuresGoetz, N. A.; Babitsch, B. 
122015Living situation and quality of life of adults with spina bifida in GermanySchipper, A. C.; Michael, T.; Babitsch, B. 
132015Design of child rehabilitation aids supply: requirements and needs. Results of the child rehabilitation care studyRoewekamp, F.; Babitsch, B. ; Langner, D.; Guenther, D.; Michael, T.
142015Medical sociology and public health [Die medizinische soziologie und public health]Koppelin, F.; Babitsch, B. 
152015Healthcare situation of adults with spina bifida in GermanyBabitsch, Birgit ; Schipper, AC; Michael, T
162016Realization opportunities in the second half of life: connections between health and positive freedomsGoetz, N. A.; Babitsch, B. 
172016Parents' experiences with the medical care of their disabled childRoewekamp, F.; Babitsch, B. ; Langner, D.
182016ROSE – the learning health care system in the Osnabrück-Emsland / ROSE – das lernende Gesundheitssystem in der Region Osnabrück-EmslandHübner, Ursula; Babitsch, Birgit ; Kortekamp, Stefanie; Egbert, Nicole; von Reinersdorff, Andrea Braun
192016Criteria Catalogue to Systematize conceptual Approaches in the universal Prevention of Childhood Overweight Methodological Approach and first ResultsBabitsch, Birgit ; Geene, Raimund; Hassel, Holger; Kliche, Thomas; Bacchetta, Britta; Baltes, Simon; Nold, Sandra; Rosenfeldt, Daniel; SkAP-Konsortium
202016Systematization of conceptual approaches for overweight and obesity prevention in children (SkAP)Nold, S.; Babitsch, B. ; Bacchetta, B.; Baltes, S.; Geene, R.; Kliche, T.; Rosenfeldt, D.; Hassel, H.