Heidemann, Gunther

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Heidemann, Gunther
Heidemann, G
Heidemann, Gunther
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12012State of the Art Report on Video-Based Graphics and Video VisualizationBorgo, R.; Chen, M.; Daubney, B.; Grundy, E.; Heidemann, G. ; Hoeferlin, B.; Hoeferlin, M.; Leitte, H.; Weiskopf, D.; Xie, X.
22012Evaluation of Fast-Forward Video VisualizationHoeferlin, Markus; Kurzhals, Kuno; Hoeferlin, Benjamin; Heidemann, Gunther ; Weiskopf, Daniel
32012Inter-active learning of ad-hoc classifiers for video visual analyticsHöferlin, B.; Netzel, R.; Höferlin, M.; Weiskopf, D.; Heidemann, G. 
42012Efficient annotation of image data sets for computer vision applicationsMoehrmann, J.; Heidemann, G. 
52012Learning a visual attention model for adaptive fast-forward in video surveillanceḦoferlin, B.; Pfl̈uger, H.; Ḧoferlin, M.; Heidemann, G. ; Weiskopf, D.
62012Redundant dictionary spaces as a general concept for the analysis of non-vectorial dataKlenk, S.; Dippon, J.; Burkovski, A.; Heidemann, G. 
72013Interactive Schematic Summaries for Faceted Exploration of Surveillance VideoHoeferlin, Markus; Hoeferlin, Benjamin; Heidemann, Gunther ; Weiskopf, Daniel
82013Efficient development of user-defined image recognition systemsMoehrmann, J.; Heidemann, G. 
92013Semi-automatic image annotationMoehrmann, J.; Heidemann, G. 
102015Semi-automatic ground truth annotation in videos: An interactive tool for polygon-based object annotation and segmentationSchöning, J. ; Faion, P.; Heidemann, G. 
112015Visual analytics for video applicationsTanisaro, Pattreeya; Schoening, Julius ; Kurzhals, Kuno; Heidemann, Gunther ; Weiskopf, Daniel
122015Evaluation of multi-view 3D reconstruction softwareSchöning, J. ; Heidemann, G. 
132015Scalable video visual analyticsHoeferlin, Benjamin; Hoeferlin, Markus; Heidemann, Gunther ; Weiskopf, Daniel
142015Interactive 3D modeling a survey-based perspective on interactive 3D reconstructionSchöming, J.; Heidemann, G. 
152015FOREST: A flexible object recognition systemMoehrmann, J.; Heidemann, G. 
162016Pixel-wise ground truth annotation in videos: An semi-automatic approach for pixel-wise and semantic object annotationSchöning, J. ; Faion, P.; Heidemann, G. 
172016Image based spare parts reconstruction for repairing vital infrastructure after disasters: Creating or ordering replica of spare parts for overhauling infrastructureSchoning, J. ; Heidemann, G. 
182016Taxonomy of 3D sensors A Survey of State-of-the-Art Consumer 3D-Reconstruction Sensors and Their Field of ApplicationsSchöning, Julius ; Heidemann, Gunther 
192016Visual Development & analysis of coreference resolution systems with CORVIDAEMöller, N.; Heidemann, G. 
202016CORVIDAE: Coreference resolution visual development & analysis environmentMöller, N.; Heidemann, G.