Kallenrode, May-Britt

Full Name
Kallenrode, May-Britt
Kallenrode, M
Kallenrode, M-B
Kallenrode, MB
Kallenrode, May
Kallenrode, May B
Kallenrode, May Britt
Kallenrode, May-Britt
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11998The Terrestrial MagnetosphereKallenrode, May-Britt 
21998Sun and Solar Wind: Plasmas in the HeliosphereKallenrode, May-Britt 
31998Energetic Particles in the HeliosphereKallenrode, May-Britt 
42001Plasma WavesKallenrode, May-Britt 
52001Solar—Terrestrial RelationshipsKallenrode, May-Britt 
62001Space PhysicsKallenrode, May-Britt 
72001Shock as a black box 2. Effects of adiabatic deceleration and convection includedKallenrode, MB 
82001MagnetohydrodynamicsKallenrode, May-Britt 
92002Magnetic clouds and interplanetary particle transport: a numerical modelKallenrode, MB 
102002Particle Events as a Possible Source of Large Ozone Loss during Magnetic Polarity TransitionsvonKoenig, M.; Burrows, John P.; Chipperfield, Martyn P.; Jackman, Caitriona M.; Kallenrode, May-Britt ; Kuenzi, K.; Quack, Martin
112002Wind, Wasser, Wellen: Umweltphysik exemplarischKallenrode, May-Britt 
122003Ulysses observations of solar energetic particles from the 14 July 2000 event at high heliographic latitudesZhang, M; McKibben, RB; Lopate, C; Jokipii, JR; Giacalone, J; Kallenrode, MB ; Rassoul, HK
132003DifferentiationKallenrode, May-Britt 
142003A model study of the impact of magnetic field structure on atmospheric composition during solar proton eventsSinnhuber, M; Burrows, JP; Chipperfield, MP; Jackman, CH; Kallenrode, MB ; Kunzi, KF; Quack, M
152003Numerische Lösung von DifferentialgleichungenKallenrode, May-Britt 
162003Messung und MeßfehlerKallenrode, May-Britt 
172003Delta-FunktionKallenrode, May-Britt 
182003Current views on impulsive and gradual solar energetic particle eventsKallenrode, MB 
192003Partielle DifferentialgleichungenKallenrode, May-Britt 
202003MatrizenKallenrode, May-Britt