Meisenburg, Trudel

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Meisenburg, Trudel
Meisenburg, T
Meisenburg, Trudel
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12000From word to flexive? French clitic pronounsMeisenburg, T 
22006Fake geminates in French: a production and perception studyMeisenburg, Trudel 
32006Fake geminates in French: A production and perception studyMeisenburg, T. 
42012Chapter 14. Phonological variation in FrenchLyche, Chantal; Meisenburg, Trudel ; Gess, Randall
52012The prosody of Occitan-French bilingualsSichel-Bazin, Rafèu; Buthke, Carolin; Meisenburg, Trudel 
62012Chapter 1. Introduction to phonological variation in FrenchGess, Randall; Lyche, Chantal; Meisenburg, Trudel 
72012Language contact and prosodic interference: Nuclear configurations in Occitan and French statements of the obviousSichel-Bazin, R.; Buthke, C.; Meisenburg, T. 
82013Southern vibes? On rhythmic features of (Midi) FrenchMeisenburg, Trudel 
92015Prosody in Language Contact: Occitan and FrenchSichel-Bazin, Rafèu; Buthke, Carolin; Meisenburg, Trudel 
102018(Inter-)Fonologia del Espanol Contemporaneo (I)FEC: Methodology of a research program for corpus phonologyPustka, Elissa; Gabriel, Christoph; Meisenburg, Trudel ; Burkard, Monja; Dziallas, Kristina
112018Intonation and (Re)syllabification in L2 French interrogatives produced by L1 German learners: Comparing different proficiency levelsGabriel, C.; Meisenburg, T. ; Wocker, B.
122018Initial and final intonation cues of Czech yes-no questionsPešková, A.; Colantoni, L.; Meisenburg, T. 
132021Romance phonetics and phonology: An introductionMeisenburg, Trudel ; Gabriel, Christoph; Gess, Randall
142021Manual of romance phonetics and phonologyGabriel, Christoph; Gess, Randall; Meisenburg, Trudel 
152021Romanische SprachwissenschaftGabriel, Christoph; Meisenburg, Trudel 
162023Graphematik – die Beziehung zwischen Sprache und SchriftEvertz-Rittich, Martin; Berg, Kristian; Meisenburg, Trudel