Waldherr, Stefan

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Waldherr, Stefan
Waldherr, S
Waldherr, Stefan
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12014Two-stage scheduling in shelf-board production: a case studyWaldherr, Stefan ; Knust, Sigrid 
22015Message scheduling for real-time interprocessor communicationWaldherr, Stefan ; Knust, Sigrid ; Aust, Stefan
32015The bottleneck transportation problem with auxiliary resourcesWaldherr, Stefan ; Poppenborg, Jens; Knust, Sigrid 
42015Complexity results for flow shop problems with synchronous movementWaldherr, Stefan ; Knust, Sigrid 
52015Scheduling of flow shops with synchronous movementWaldherr, Stefan 
62016Solution algorithms for synchronous flow shop problems with two dominating machinesKampmeyer, Matthias ; Knust, Sigrid ; Waldherr, Stefan 
72016The assignment problem with nearly Monge arrays and incompatible partner indicesWeiss, C.; Knust, S. ; Shakhlevich, N. V.; Waldherr, S. 
82017Decomposition algorithms for synchronous flow shop problems with additional resources and setup timesWaldherr, Stefan ; Knust, Sigrid 
92017Open Shop Scheduling with SynchronizationWeiss, C.; Waldherr, S. ; Knust, S. ; Shakhlevich, N. V.
102017Synchronous flow shop problems: How much can we gain by leaving machines idle?Waldherr, Stefan ; Knust, Sigrid ; Briskorn, Dirk 
112018Synchronous flow shop scheduling with pliable jobsBultmann, Matthias ; Knust, Sigrid ; Waldherr, Stefan 
122018Flow shop scheduling with flexible processing timesBultmann, Matthias ; Knust, Sigrid ; Waldherr, Stefan 
132019Shop scheduling problems with pliable jobsKnust, S. ; Shakhlevich, V, N.; Waldherr, S. ; Weiss, C.