Experiments as a part of the final school exams (A-Levels) in Lower-Saxony - Quo vadis?

Autor(en): Beeken, Marco 
Buetergerds, Kerstin
Steinhart, Martin 
Stichwörter: A-Level 2013 (Abitur 2013); Education & Educational Research; Education, Scientific Disciplines; experiments as a means of assessment; Experiments as a part of the final school exams (A-Levels) in Lower Saxony
Erscheinungsdatum: 2017
Journal: CHEMKON
Volumen: 24
Ausgabe: 2
Startseite: 77
Seitenende: 79
Over the last few years there have frequently been changes regarding the final school exams in Lower-Saxony. One of the changes especially concerning the subject of chemistry was the introduction of experimental parts in the exams in 2003. Students can therefore choose to include practical parts besides the usual theoretical section in their exams, provided that the school is offering this possibility. This new concept shall be outlined in detail in this paper. In a first step the organisation and realisation of this concept in schools will be explained. Subsequently the results of empirical studies including both qualitative parts for teachers and quantitative parts for students will be presented. The results will be used as a means to find out about motivation and voting tendencies of high school graduates given the perspective of choosing an exam with practical parts. It will also be commented on the findings of the studies suggesting that only few schools seem to be able to offer the opportunity of experimental parts in the exams. On the basis of the findings this paper will end with a discussion concerning the opposing views on the concept of experiments as a part of the final school exams (A-Levels) in Lower-Saxony.
ISSN: 09445846
DOI: 10.1002/ckon.201710293

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