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Beeken, Marco
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Beeken, Marco
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12017The science communication project ``Experimenteller Lee(h)rstand''Beeken, Marco ; Budke, Michael
22017Experiments as a part of the final school exams (A-Levels) in Lower-Saxony - Quo vadis?Beeken, Marco ; Buetergerds, Kerstin; Steinhart, Martin 
32018``PubScience-The Long Night of Experiments'': Students Present Chemical Experiments in Dining FacilitiesBeeken, Marco ; Budke, Michael
42018Traditional or vegetarian? - ``Es geht um die Wurst!'' in the GreenLabBeeken, Marco ; Walf, Swantje; Budke, Michael
52019With flowers to electrochemistry - new and simple experimental set-upsBeeken, Marco ; Fallenbeck, Malte; Budke, Michael
62019Empirical Study on the Effects of Stationary and Mobile Student Laboratories: How Successful Are Mobile Student Laboratories in Comparison to Stationary Ones at Universities?Budke, Michael; Parchmann, Ilka; Beeken, Marco 
72021Fridays For Future and School? - Part 1 Sustainability in Society, Science, Politics and SchoolsBrockhage, Frauke; Luesse, Mientje; Pietzner, Verena; Beeken, Marco 
82021Fridays For Future and School? - Part 2 Sustainable Teaching proposals on the Nitrogen ProblemLuesse, Mientje; Brockhage, Frauke; Pietzner, Verena; Beeken, Marco 
92022Spectrometer build of LEGO®‐bricks – innovations for classes in modern chemistryOsterheider, Mattis; Bourdon, Bjoern; Boettcher, Rasmus; Imlau, Mirco ; Beeken, Marco 
102022Citizens' views on home experiments in the context of a chemistry citizen science projectLüsse, M.; Brockhage, F.; Beeken, M. ; Pietzner, V.
112022Citizen Science as an Innovative Approach to Analyze Spatial and Temporal Influences on Nitrate Pollution of Water Bodies: Results of a Participatory Research Project in GermanyBrockhage, Frauke; Luesse, Mientje; Klasmeier, Joerg ; Pietzner, Verena; Beeken, Marco 
122022``From Dieselgate to nitrogen'' - An experimental setting (not only) for chemistry educationBrockhage, Frauke; Amel, Henning; Lusse, Mientje; Pietzner, Verena; Beeken, Marco 
132022``Corona between myth and science'' - Innovative experiments and formats for analyzing fake news in corona times in chemistry lessonsOtte, Lars; Beeken, Marco 
142022Fridays For Future and School? - Part 3 Sustainable Teaching Suggestions on the (Micro) Plastic ProblemKreienhop, Nils; Beeken, Marco 
152022?COVID-19 between Myth and Science??Innovative Experimentsfor Analyzing Fake News Inside and Outside the Chemistry ClassroomOtte, Lars; Beeken, Marco 
162022“Burger.i.doo”—An Innovative Education Game for the Assessment of Sustainability from Meat and Substitute Products in Science EducationKorte, Tatjana; Otte, Lars; Amel, Henning; Beeken, Marco 
172022Citizen science and its potential for science educationLuesse, Mientje; Brockhage, Frauke; Beeken, Marco ; Pietzner, Verena
182022Specialist Group Conference ``Sustainably communicating Chemistry''Beeken, Marco 
192022Citizen_Labs - conception and evaluation of a course on plastic waste and microplastic in adult educationKreienhop, Nils J.; Beeken, Marco 
202022``Sustainability Make-It-Yourself'' - the Environmental-Make@thon as an innovative science communication formatAmel, Henning; Schmidt, Johann; Kreienhop, Nils; Beeken, Marco