?COVID-19 between Myth and Science??Innovative Experimentsfor Analyzing Fake News Inside and Outside the Chemistry Classroom

Autor(en): Otte, Lars
Beeken, Marco 
Stichwörter: Chemistry; Chemistry, Multidisciplinary; Discrepant Events; Distance Learning; DROPLETS; Education & Educational Research; Education, Scientific Disciplines; Enrichment; General Public; Hands-On Learning; High School; Introductory Chemistry; KNOWLEDGE; Manipulatives; Medicinal Chemistry; Misconceptions; Nonmajor Courses; Outreach; Public Understanding; Review Materials; Self Instruction; Student-Centered Learning
Erscheinungsdatum: 2022
Volumen: 99
Ausgabe: 5
Startseite: 1890
Seitenende: 1899
While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, theacceptance of numerous measures, such as mandatory wearing offace masks or social distancing, is declining. At the same time, thespread of fake news related to these measures is on the rise. Theacceptance of and compliance with the measures depends to alarge extent on knowledge about these very measures. For thisreason, there is a need for adequate formats inside and outside thechemistry classroom that examine the mitigation measures andrelated fake news more closely. The practical and problem-orientedapproach of the natural sciences provides a good basis forevaluating mitigation measures and fake news. Here, the focus isprimarily on the knowledge gained by conducting and evaluatingexperiments. For this reason, experiments related to measures andfake news on the COVID-19 pandemic were developed that can be carried out with household objects and chemicals. Allexperiments can be performed without much effort and are therefore intentionally designed to appeal to students and adults withlittle background in science. This paper presents a total of four experiments on the dispersion of aerosols and droplets, theeffectiveness of face masks, and the importance and mode of action of disinfectant and soap.KEYWORDS:General Public, High School/Introductory Chemistry, Public Understanding/Outreach, Distance Learning/Self Instruction,Hands-On Learning/Manipulatives, Misconceptions/Discrepant Events, Enrichment/Review Materials, Medicinal Chemistry,Nonmajor Courses, Student-Centered Learning
ISSN: 0021-9584
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.1c01262

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