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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A concept of a trust management architecture to increase the robustness of nano age devicesPionteck, T.; Brockmann, W. 
2011A Framework for Controlled Self-optimisation in Modular System ArchitecturesBrockmann, Werner ; Rosemann, Nils; Maehle, Erik
2013A generic architecture for robust automatic detection and suppression of sub-harmonicsHülsmann, J.; Buschermöhle, A.; Lintze, C.; Brockmann, W. 
2010A generic concept to increase the robustness of embedded systems by trust managementBrockmann, W. ; Buschermöhle, A.; Hülsmann, J.
2012A structured view on sources of uncertainty in supervised learningBuschermöhle, A.; Hülsmann, J.; Brockmann, W. 
2011Application of the Organic Robot Control Architecture ORCA to the Six-Legged Walking Robot OSCARMaehle, Erik; Brockmann, Werner ; Grosspietsch, Karl-Erwin; Auf, Adam El Sayed; Jakimovski, Bojan; Krannich, Stephan; Litza, Marek; Maas, Raphael; Al-Homsy, Ahmad
2012Classification of uncertain data: An application in nondestructive testingHülsmann, J.; Brockmann, W. 
2013COBRA - A generic architecture for robust treatment of uncertain informationBrockmann, W. ; Buschermöhle, A.; Schoenke, J.H.
2007Concept for controlled self-optimization in online learning neuro-fuzzy systemsRosemann, N.; Brockmann, W. 
2011Controlling the learning dynamics of interacting self-adapting systemsRosemann, N.; Brockmann, W. ; Lintze, C.
2008Dexterous energy-autarkic climbing robotBrockmann, W. ; Albrecht, S. ; Borrmann, D.; Elseberg, J.
2009Enforcing local properties in online learning first order TS-fuzzy systems by incremental regularizationRosemann, N.; Brockmann, W. ; Neumann, B.
2009Enforcing Local Properties in Online Learning First Order TS-fuzzy Systems by Incremental RegularizationRosemann, Nils; Brockmann, Werner ; Neumann, Bastian
2011Incorporating dynamic uncertainties into a fuzzy classifierHülsmann, J.; Buschermöhle, A.; Brockmann, W. 
2016Incremental learning on decorrelated approximatorsSchoenke, J.H.; Brockmann, W. 
2010Incremental regularization to compensate biased teachers in incremental learningRosemann, Nils; Brockmann, Werner 
2008Instantaneous anomaly detection in online learning fuzzy systemsBrockmann, W. ; Rosemann, N.
2007Modeling of anomalies in a modular robot control [Modellierung von Anomalien in einer modularen Roboter-Steuerung]Kleinlützum, K.; Brockmann, W. ; Rosemann, N.
2015On-line learning with minimized change of the global mapping Optimized local learning by incremental risk minimizationBuschermoehle, Andreas; Brockmann, Werner 
2006ORCA - Towards an organic robotic control architectureMoesch, Florian; Litza, Marek; Auf, Adam El Sayed; Maehle, Erik; Grosspietsch, Karl E.; Brockmann, Werner