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2023B-GATA factors are required to repress high-light stress responses in Marchantia polymorpha and Arabidopsis thalianaSchroeder, Peter; Hsu, Bang-Yu; Gutsche, Nora ; Winkler, Jana Barbro; Hedtke, Boris; Grimm, Bernhard; Schwechheimer, Claus
2017Conserved redox-dependent DNA binding of ROXY glutaredoxins with TGA transcription factorsGutsche, Nora ; Holtmannspoetter, Michael; Mass, Lucia; O'Donoghue, Martin; Busch, Andrea; Lauri, Andrea; Schubert, Veit; Zachgo, Sabine 
2022Contrasting and conserved roles of NPR proteins in diverged land plant lineagesJeon, Hyung-Woo; Iwakawa, Hidekazu; Naramoto, Satoshi; Herrfurth, Cornelia; Gutsche, Nora ; Schlueter, Titus; Kyozuka, Junko; Miyauchi, Shingo; Feussner, Ivo; Zachgo, Sabine ; Nakagami, Hirofumi
2014Funktionale Analyse des CC-Typ Glutaredoxins ROXY1 und des TGA-Transkriptionsfaktors PAN in A. thalianaGutsche, Nora 
2023Identification and characterization of DICER-LIKE genes and their roles in Marchantia polymorpha development and stress adaptationCsicsely, Erika; Oberender, Anja; Georgiadou, Anastasia Styliani; Gutsche, Nora ; Zachgo, Sabine ; Top, Oguz; Frank, Wolfgang
2015Plant-specific CC-type glutaredoxins: functions in developmental processes and stress responsesGutsche, Nora ; Thurow, Corinna; Zachgo, Sabine ; Gatz, Christiane
2011Regulation of plant cytosolic aldolase functions by redox-modificationsvan der Linde, Karina; Gutsche, Nora ; Letters, Hans-Martin; Lindermayr, Christian; Mueller, Bernd; Holtgrefe, Simone; Scheibe, Renate 
2016The N-Terminus of the Floral Arabidopsis TGA Transcription Factor PERIANTHIA Mediates Redox-Sensitive DNA-BindingGutsche, Nora ; Zachgo, Sabine 
2011{The ROXY1 C-Terminal L**}LL Motif Is Essential for the Interaction with TGA Transcription Factors}Li, Shutian; Gutsche, Nora ; Zachgo, Sabine