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2022Antilocality Effect Without Head-Final DependenciesSchwab, Juliane; Xiang, Ming; Liu, Mingya 
2021Concepts in Action: IntroductionBechberger, L.; Liu, M. 
2019Current issues in conditionalsLiu, Mingya 
2018Introduction: Current perspectives on positive polarityLiu, Mingya ; Iordachioaia, Gianina
2020Lexical and contextual cue effects in discourse expectations: Experimenting with german 'zwar... aber' and english 'true/sure... but'Schwab, J.; Liu, M. 
2017Negative Entailment, Positive Implicature and Polarity ItemsLiu, M. 
2019Novel ERP Evidence for Processing Differences Between Negative and Positive Polarity Items in GermanLiu, Mingya ; Koenig, Peter ; Mueller, Jutta L.
2021Numerical Concepts in ContextGega, P.; Liu, M. ; Bechberger, L.
2016On interactivity in probabilistic pragmatics: yet another rational analysis of scalar implicaturesJaekel, Frank; Liu, Mingya 
2021On the Acquisition of Polarity Items: 11-to 12-Year-Olds' Comprehension of German NPIs and PPIsSchwab, Juliane; Liu, Mingya ; Mueller, Jutta L.
2022Processing Attenuating NPIs in Indicative and Counterfactual ConditionalsSchwab, Juliane; Liu, Mingya 
2023Testing the influence of QUDs on the occurrence of Conditional PerfectionGrusdt, Britta; Liu, Mingya ; Franke, Michael 
2021The Processing of Negation and Polarity: An OverviewDudschig, Carolin; Kaup, Barbara; Liu, Mingya ; Schwab, Juliane