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Franke, Michael
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Franke, Michael
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12018Coevolution of Lexical Meaning and Pragmatic UseBrochhagen, Thomas; Franke, Michael ; van Rooij, Robert
22019Using replication studies to teach research methods in cognitive sciencede Leeuw, J.R.; Andrews, J.; Livingston, K.; Franke, M. ; Hartshorne, J.; Hawkins, R.; Wagge, J.
32019Pragmatic processing: An investigation of the (anti-)presuppositions of determiners using mouse-trackingSchneider, Cosima; Schonard, Carolin; Franke, Michael ; Jaeger, Gerhard; Janczyk, Markus
42019Evidential Strength of Intonational Cues and Rational Adaptation to (Un-)Reliable IntonationRoettger, Timo B.; Franke, Michael 
52019Towards an Ecology of VaguenessCorreia, J.P.; Franke, M. 
62019Subjectivity-based adjective ordering maximizes communicative successFranke, M. ; Scontras, G.; Simonič, M.
72019Complex probability expressions & higher-order uncertainty: Compositional semantics, probabilistic pragmatics & experimental dataHerbstritt, Michele; Franke, Michael 
82019Gricean Expectations in Online Sentence Comprehension: An ERP Study on the Processing of Scalar InferencesAugurzky, Petra; Franke, Michael ; Ulrich, Rolf
92020Reinforcement of Semantic Representations in Pragmatic Agents Leads to the Emergence of a Mutual Exclusivity BiasOhmer, X.; König, P. ; Franke, M. 
102020Strategies of Deception: Under-Informativity, Uninformativity, and Lies-Misleading With Different Kinds of ImplicatureFranke, Michael ; Dulcinati, Giulio; Pouscoulous, Nausicaa
112020Theory-driven statistical modeling for semantics and pragmatics: A case study on grammatically generated implicature readingsFranke, Michael ; Bergen, Leon
122021Why and how to study the impact of perception on language emergence in artificial agentsOhmer, X.; Marino, M.; König, P. ; Franke, M. 
132021Presuppositions of determiners are immediately used to disambiguate utterance meaning: A mouse-tracking study on the German languageSchneider, Cosima; Bade, Nadine; Franke, Michael ; Janczyk, Markus
142021Mutual Exclusivity in Pragmatic AgentsOhmer, Xenia; Franke, Michael ; König, Peter 
152021Communicating uncertain beliefs with conditionals: Probabilistic modeling and experimental dataGrusdt, B.; Franke, M. 
162021Probabilistic pragmatics explains gradience and focality in natural language quantificationvan Tiel, Bob; Franke, Michael ; Sauerland, Uli
172021Pragmatic Prediction in the Processing of Referring Expressions Containing Scalar QuantifiersMacuch Silva, Vinicius; Franke, Michael 
182021Pragmatic Prediction in the Processing of Referring Expressions Containing Scalar Quantifiers (vol 12,& nbsp;662050, 2021)Macuch Silva, Vinicius; Franke, Michael 
192021Rational Interpretation of Numerical Quantity in Argumentative ContextsCummins, Chris; Franke, Michael 
202021Positional biases in predictive processing of intonationRoettger, Timo B.; Franke, Michael ; Cole, Jennifer