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2013A Versatile Toolbox for Multiplexed Protein Micropatterning by Laser LithographyGropeanu, Mihaela; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Gropeanu, Radu A.; Muniz, Gemma M. Rodriguez; Sundaram, Subramanian; Piehler, Jacob ; del Campo, Aranzazu
2009Affinity capturing for targeting proteins into micro and nanostructuresYou, Changjiang ; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Brecht, Andreas; Piehler, Jacob 
2010Functional Immobilization and Patterning of Proteins by an Enzymatic Transfer ReactionWaichman, Sharon; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Podoplelova, Yulia; Reichel, Annett; Brunk, Ariane; Paterok, Dirk; Piehler, Jacob 
2020In Cellulo Protein Semi-Synthesis from Endogenous and Exogenous Fragments Using the Ultra-Fast Split Gp41-1 InteinBhagawati, Maniraj; Hoffmann, Simon; Hoeffgen, Katharina S.; Piehler, Jacob ; Busch, Karin B.; Mootz, Henning D.
2011Maleimide Photolithography for Single-Molecule Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis in MicropatternsWaichman, Sharon; You, Changjiang ; Beutel, Oliver; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Piehler, Jacob 
2010Maleimide-based functional protein micro-patterningWaichman, Sharon; Bhagawati, Maniraj; You, Changjiang ; Roder, Friedrich; Podoplelova, Yulia; Piehler, Jacob 
2011Modulating Surface Density of Proteins via Caged Surfaces and Controlled Light ExposureAlvarez, Marta; Alonso, Jose Maria; Filevich, Oscar; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Etchenique, Roberto; Piehler, Jacob ; del Campo, Aranzazu
2010Native Laser Lithography of His-Tagged Proteins by Uncaging of Multivalent ChelatorsBhagawati, Maniraj; Lata, Suman; Tampe, Robert; Piehler, Jacob 
2009Organization of Motor Proteins into Functional Micropatterns Fabricated by a Photoinduced Fenton ReactionBhagawati, Maniraj; Ghosh, Surajit; Reichel, Annett; Froehner, Klaus; Surrey, Thomas; Piehler, Jacob 
2011Photolithographic surface functionalization for spatio-temporally controlled protein immobilizationBhagawati, Maniraj
2013Quantitative Real-Time Imaging of Protein-Protein Interactions by LSPR Detection with Micropatterned Gold NanoparticlesBhagawati, Maniraj; You, Changjiang ; Piehler, Jacob 
2015Single Cell GFP-Trap Reveals Stoichiometry and Dynamics of Cytosolic Protein ComplexesWedeking, Tim; Loechte, Sara; Richter, Christian P.; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Piehier, Jacob; You, Changjiang 
2021Single Cell Pull-Down for Characterization of Protein ComplexesPhilippi, Michael; Li, Ze-Hao; Bhagawati, Maniraj; You, Changjiang 
2021The TOM receptor subunits Tom20 and Tom70 display higher mobility than the TOM complex in the outer mitochondrial membraneBusch, Karin B.; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Montoro, Ayelen Gonzales; Arroum, Tasnim; Mootz, Henning; Webeling, Niklas