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2002Ab initio Green-function formulation of the transfer matrix: Application to complex band structuresWortmann, D; Ishida, H; Blugel, S
2005Ab initio investigation of noncontact atomic force microscopy tip-surface instability in InAs(110) surfaceCaciuc, V; Holscher, H; Blugel, S
2003Ab initio theory of exchange interactions and the Curie temperature of bulk GdTurek, I; Kudrnovsky, J; Bihlmayer, G; Blugel, S
2003Comparing the local density of states of three- and two-dimensional electron systems by low-temperature scanning tunneling spectroscopyMorgenstern, M; Haude, D; Klijn, J; Meyer, C ; Sacharow, L; Heinze, S ; Blugel, S; Wiesendanger, R
2002Complex magnetism in ultra-thin films: atomic-scale spin structures and resolution by the spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopeHeinze, S ; Kurz, P; Wortmann, D; Bihlmayer, G; Blugel, S
2004Electron spectroscopy and density-functional study of `ferric wheel' moleculesPostnikov, AV; Chiuzbaian, SG; Neumann, M; Blugel, S
2002Element specific surface reconstructions of islands during surfactant-mediated growth on Si(111)Antons, A; Schroeder, K; Voigtlander, B; Cherepanov, V; Berger, R ; Blugel, S
2002Embedded Green-function approach to the ballistic electron transport through an interfaceWortmann, D; Ishida, H; Blugel, S
2003Exchange interactions at surfaces of Fe, Co, and GdTurek, I; Blugel, S; Bihlmayer, G; Weinberger, P
2006Exchange parameters in Fe-based molecular magnetsPostnikov, AV; Bihimayer, G; Blugel, S
2003First-principles study of the electronic structure and exchange interactions in bcc europiumTurek, I; Kudrnovsky, J; Divis, M; Franek, P; Bihlmayer, G; Blugel, S
2002Magnetism and electronic structure of hcp Gd and the Gd(0001) surfaceKurz, P; Bihlmayer, G; Blugel, S
2002Magnetization-direction-dependent local electronic structure probed by scanning tunneling spectroscopyBode, M; Heinze, S; Kubetzka, A; Pietzsch, O; Nie, X; Bihlmayer, G; Blugel, S; Wiesendanger, R
2002Resolving noncollinear magnetism by spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopyWortmann, D; Kurz, P; Heinze, S; Hirai, K; Bihlmayer, G; Blugel, S
2002Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of a Mn monolayer on W(110)Bode, M; Heinze, S; Kubetzka, A; Pietzsch, O; Hennefarth, M; Getzlaff, M; Wiesendanger, R; Nie, X; Bihlmayer, G; Blugel, S
2002Surfactant mediated heteroepitaxy versus homoepitaxy: Kinetics for group-IV adatoms on As-passivated Si(111) and Ge(111)Schroeder, K; Antons, A; Berger, R ; Blugel, S