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2023A New Approach Combining a Multilayer Radiative Transfer Model with an Individual-Based Forest Model: Application to Boreal Forests in FinlandHenniger, Hans; Bohn, Friedrich J.; Schmidt, Kim; Huth, Andreas 
2023A new approach to derive productivity of tropical forests using radar remote sensing measurementsHenniger, Hennes; Huth, Andreas ; Bohn, Friedrich J.
2021Challenges to aboveground biomass prediction from waveform lidarBruening, Jamis M.; Fischer, Rico; Bohn, Friedrich J.; Armston, John; Armstrong, Amanda H.; Knapp, Nikolai; Tang, Hao; Huth, Andreas ; Dubayah, Ralph
2022Challenging the link between functional and spectral diversity with radiative transfer modeling and dataPacheco-Labrador, Javier; Migliavacca, Mirco; Ma, Xuanlong; Mahecha, Miguel; Carvalhais, Nuno; Weber, Ulrich; Benavides, Raquel; Bouriaud, Olivier; Barnoaiea, Ionut; Coomes, David A.; Bohn, Friedrich J.; Kraemer, Guido; Heiden, Uta; Huth, Andreas ; Wirth, Christian
2023Creating virtual forests around the globe and analysing their state spaceHenniger, Hans; Huth, Andreas ; Frank, Karin ; Bohn, Friedrich J.
2022EVALUATING THE POTENTIAL OF DESIS TO INFER PLANT TAXONOMICAL AND FUNCTIONAL DIVERSITIES IN EUROPEAN FORESTSPacheco-Labrador, Javier; Weber, Ulrich; Ma, Xinwen; Mahecha, Miguel D.; Carvalhais, Nuno; Wirth, C. J.; Huth, Andreas ; Bohn, Friedrich J.; Kraemer, Guido; Heiden, Uta; Migliavacca, Mirco; null
2019From small-scale forest structure to Amazon-wide carbon estimatesRoedig, Edna; Knapp, Nikolai; Fischer, Rico; Bohn, Friedrich J.; Dubayah, Ralph; Tang, Hao; Huth, Andreas 
2014Of climate and its resulting tree growth: Simulating the productivity of temperate forestsBohn, Friedrich J.; Frank, Karin ; Huth, Andreas 
2017On the dynamics of temperate forests : quantification of several drivers using forest models and inventionsBohn, Friedrich J.
2019Remote Sensing Measurements of Forest Structure Types for Ecosystem Service MappingFischer, Rico; Knapp, Nikolai; Bohn, Friedrich J.; Huth, Andreas 
2018Species composition and forest structure explain the temperature sensitivity patterns of productivity in temperate forestsBohn, Friedrich J.; May, Felix; Huth, Andreas 
2021Tackling unresolved questions in forest ecology: The past and future role of simulation modelsMarechaux, Isabelle; Langerwisch, Fanny; Huth, Andreas ; Bugmann, Harald; Morin, Xavier; Reyer, Christopher P. O.; Seidl, Rupert; Collalti, Alessio; Dantas de Paula, Mateus; Fischer, Rico; Gutsch, Martin; Lexer, Manfred J.; Lischke, Heike; Rammig, Anja; Rodig, Edna; Sakschewski, Boris; Taubert, Franziska; Thonicke, Kirsten; Vacchiano, Giorgio; Bohn, Friedrich J.
2017The importance of forest structure to biodiversity-productivity relationshipsBohn, Friedrich J.; Huth, Andreas