Huth, Andreas

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Huth, Andreas
Huth, A
Huth, Andreas
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12012Modelling the impact of shallow landslides on forest structure in tropical montane forestsDislich, Claudia; Huth, Andreas 
22013Climate Change and Its Impact on Current and Future Vegetation Dynamics and Carbon CyclingSilva, Brenner; Dislich, Claudia; Voss, Ingo; Roos, Kristin; Scheibe, Renate ; Vorpahl, Peter; Schröder, Boris; Huth, Andreas ; Beck, Erwin; Bendix, Jörg
32014Simulating the impacts of reduced rainfall on carbon stocks and net ecosystem exchange in a tropical forestFischer, Rico; Armstrong, Amanda; Shugart, Herman H.; Huth, Andreas 
42014Long-term carbon loss in fragmented Neotropical forestsPuetz, Sandro; Groeneveld, Juergen; Henle, Klaus; Knogge, Christoph; Martensen, Alexandre Camargo; Metz, Markus; Metzger, Jean Paul; Ribeiro, Milton Cezar; de Paula, Mateus Dantas; Huth, Andreas 
52014Species ecology and the impacts of bioenergy crops: an assessment approach with four example farmland bird speciesEveraars, Jeroen; Frank, Karin ; Huth, Andreas 
62014Of climate and its resulting tree growth: Simulating the productivity of temperate forestsBohn, Friedrich J.; Frank, Karin ; Huth, Andreas 
72015Simulating Carbon Stocks and Fluxes of an African Tropical Montane Forest with an Individual-Based Forest ModelFischer, Rico; Ensslin, Andreas; Rutten, Gemma; Fischer, Markus; Costa, David Schellenberger; Kleyer, Michael; Hemp, Andreas; Paulick, Sebastian; Huth, Andreas 
82015The structure of tropical forests and sphere packingsTaubert, Franziska; Jahn, Markus Wilhelm; Dobner, Hans-Juergen; Wiegand, Thorsten; Huth, Andreas 
92015Tropical forest degradation and recovery in fragmented landscapes - Simulating changes in tree community, forest hydrology and carbon balancede Paula, M. Dantas; Groeneveld, J.; Huth, A. 
102015Fast calibration of a dynamic vegetation model with minimum observation dataLehmann, Sebastian; Huth, Andreas 
112016Do abundance distributions and species aggregation correctly predict macroecological biodiversity patterns in tropical forests?May, Felix; Wiegand, Thorsten; Lehmann, Sebastian; Huth, Andreas 
122016Impacts of precipitation variability on the dynamics of a dry tropical montane forestHiltner, Ulrike; Braeuning, Achim; Gebrekirstos, Aster; Huth, Andreas ; Fischer, Rico
132016Lessons learned from applying a forest gap model to understand ecosystem and carbon dynamics of complex tropical forestsFischer, Rico; Bohn, Friedrich; de Paula, Mateus Dantas; Dislich, Claudia; Groeneveld, Juergen; Gutierrez, Alvaro G.; Kazmierczak, Martin; Knapp, Nikolai; Lehmann, Sebastian; Paulick, Sebastian; Puetz, Sandro; Roedig, Edna; Taubert, Franziska; Koehler, Peter; Huth, Andreas 
142016Improving the forecast for biodiversity under climate changeUrban, M. C.; Bocedi, G.; Hendry, A. P.; Mihoub, J. -B.; Pe'er, G.; Singer, A.; Bridle, J. R.; Crozier, L. G.; De Meester, L.; Godsoe, W.; Gonzalez, A.; Hellmann, J. J.; Holt, R. D.; Huth, A. ; Johst, K.; Krug, C. B.; Leadley, P. W.; Palmer, S. C. F.; Pantel, J. H.; Schmitz, A.; Zollner, P. A.; Travis, J. M. J.
152016The extent of edge effects in fragmented landscapes: Insights from satellite measurements of tree coverde Paula, Mateus Dantas; Groeneveld, Juergen; Huth, Andreas 
162017High resolution analysis of tropical forest fragmentation and its impact on the global carbon cycleBrinck, Katharina; Fischer, Rico; Groeneveld, Juergen; Lehmann, Sebastian; De Paula, Mateus Dantas; Puetz, Sandro; Sexton, Joseph O.; Song, Danxia; Huth, Andreas 
172017What drives the spatial distribution and dynamics of local species richness in tropical forest?Wiegand, Thorsten; May, Felix; Kazmierczak, Martin; Huth, Andreas 
182017The carbon fluxes in different successional stages: modelling the dynamics of tropical montane forests in South EcuadorPaulick, Sebastian; Dislich, Claudia; Homeier, Juergen; Fischer, Rico; Huth, Andreas 
192017Estimating the carbon fluxes of forests with an individual-based forest modelRoedig, Edna; Huth, Andreas ; Bohn, Friedrich; Rebmann, Corinna; Cuntz, Matthias
202017The importance of forest structure to biodiversity-productivity relationshipsBohn, Friedrich J.; Huth, Andreas