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20062 `-Deoxy-7-propynyl-7-deaza-adenosine: a DNA duplex-stabilizing nucleosideSeela, F; Shaikh, KI; Budow, S; Eickmeier, H
20058-Aza-7-deaza-2 `-deoxy-2-(methyl-sulfanyl)adenosineSeela, F; Jawalekar, AM; Budow, S; Eickmeier, H
2006N-8-(2 `-O-methylribofuranosyl)-8-aza-7-deazaadenine monohydrateZhang, XM; Budow, S; Leonard, P; Eickmeier, H; Seela, F
2005Propynyl groups in duplex, hairpin and triplex DNA: 7-deazapurines and 9-deazapurinesSeela, F; Shaikh, KI; Budow, S; Jawalekar, AM
2003Pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine nucleic acids: Ajustment of the dA-dT to the dG-dC base pair stabilityHe, J; Becher, G; Budow, S; Seela, F
2005Stabilization of tandem dG-dA base pairs in DNA-hairpins: replacement of the canonical bases by 7-deaza-7-propynylpurinesSeela, F; Budow, S; Shaikh, KI; Jawalekar, AM