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2020AP-3 vesicle uncoating occurs after HOPS-dependent vacuole tetheringSchoppe, Jannis; Mari, Muriel; Yavavli, Erdal; Auffarth, Kathrin; Cabrera, Margarita; Walter, Stefan; Froehlich, Florian ; Ungermann, Christian 
2014Cellular Metabolism Regulates Contact Sites between Vacuoles and MitochondriaHoenscher, Canna; Mari, Muriel; Auffarth, Kathrin; Bohnert, Maria; Griffith, Janice; Geerts, Willie; van der Laan, Martin; Cabrera, Margarita; Reggiori, Fulvio; Ungermann, Christian 
2014Dynamic association of the PI3P-interacting Mon1-Ccz1 GEF with vacuoles is controlled through its phosphorylation by the type 1 casein kinase Yck3Lawrence, Gus; Brown, Christopher C.; Flood, Blake A.; Karunakaran, Surya; Cabrera, Margarita; Nordmann, Mirjana; Ungermann, Christian ; Fratti, Rutilio A.
2013Functional Separation of Endosomal Fusion Factors and the Class C Core Vacuole/Endosome Tethering (CORVET) Complex in Endosome BiogenesisCabrera, Margarita; Arlt, Henning ; Epp, Nadine; Lachmann, Jens; Griffith, Janice; Perz, Angela; Reggiori, Fulvio; Ungermann, Christian 
2013Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factors (GEFs) Have a Critical but Not Exclusive Role in Organelle Localization of Rab GTPasesCabrera, Margarita; Ungermann, Christian 
2010Guiding Endosomal MaturationCabrera, Margarita; Ungermann, Christian 
2010Phosphorylation of a membrane curvature-sensing motif switches function of the HOPS subunit Vps41 in membrane tetheringCabrera, Margarita; Langemeyer, Lars; Mari, Muriel; Rethmeier, Ralf; Orban, Ioan; Perz, Angela; Brocker, Cornelia; Griffith, Janice; Klose, Daniel ; Steinhoff, Heinz Jurgen ; Reggiori, Fulvio; Vandre, Siegfried Engelbrecht; Ungermann, Christian 
2013The BLOC-1 complex promotes endosomal maturation by recruiting the Rab5 GTPase-activating protein Msb3Peter, Arun T. John; Lachmann, Jens; Rana, Meenakshi; Bunge, Madeleine; Cabrera, Margarita; Ungermann, Christian 
2010The Mon1-Ccz1 Complex Is the GEF of the Late Endosomal Rab7 Homolog Ypt7Nordmann, Mirjana; Cabrera, Margarita; Perz, Angela; Broecker, Cornelia; Ostrowicz, Clemens; Engelbrecht-Vandre, Siegfried; Ungermann, Christian 
2014The Mon1-Ccz1 GEF activates the Rab7 GTPase Ypt7 via a longin-fold-Rab interface and association with PI3P-positive membranesCabrera, Margarita; Nordmann, Mirjana; Perz, Angela; Schmedt, David; Gerondopoulos, Andreas; Barr, Francis; Piehler, Jacob ; Engelbrecht-Vandre, Siegfried; Ungermann, Christian 
2008The vacuolar V-1/V-0-ATPase is involved in the release of the HOPS subunit Vps41 from vacuoles, vacuole fragmentation and fusionTakeda, Kozue; Cabrera, Margarita; Rohde, Jan; Bausch, Dirk; Jensen, Ole N.; Ungermann, Christian 
2014Tracking of the dynamic localization of the Rab-specific HOPS subunits reveal their distinct interaction with Ypt7 and vacuoles.Auffarth, Kathrin; Arlt, Henning ; Lachmann, Jens; Cabrera, Margarita; Ungermann, Christian 
2008UVRAG reveals its second naturePeplowska, Karolina; Cabrera, Margarita; Ungermann, Christian 
2009Vps41 Phosphorylation and the Rab Ypt7 Control the Targeting of the HOPS Complex to Endosome-Vacuole Fusion SitesCabrera, Margarita; Ostrowicz, Clemens W.; Mari, Muriel; LaGrassa, Tracy J.; Reggiori, Fulvio; Ungermann, Christian