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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999ATP-synthase of Rhodobacter capsulatus: coupling of proton flow through F-0 to reactions in F-1 under the ATP synthesis and slip conditionsFeniouk, BA; Cherepanov, DA; Junge, W ; Mulkidjanian, AY
2002Chromatophore vesicles of Rhodobacter capsulatus contain on average one FOF1-ATP synthase eachFeniouk, BA; Cherepanov, DA; Voskoboynikova, NE; Mulkidjanian, AY; Junge, W 
2001Coupling of proton flow to ATP synthesis in Rhodobacter capsulatus: F0F1-ATP synthase is absent from about half of chromatophoresFeniouk, BA; Cherepanov, DA; Junge, W ; Mulkidjanian, AY
1998Effect of temperature and surface potential on the electrogenic proton uptake in the Q(B) site of the Rhodobacter sphaeroides photosynthetic reaction center: Q(A)(-center dot)Q(B)(-center dot)-> Q(A)Q(B)H(2) transitionGopta, OA; Cherepanov, DA; Mulkidjanian, AY; Semenov, AY; Bloch, DA
2004Force oscillations and dielectric overscreening of interfacial waterCherepanov, DA
2001Inter-subunit rotation and elastic power transmission in F0F1-ATPaseJunge, W ; Panke, O; Cherepanov, DA; Gumbiowski, K; Muller, M; Engelbrecht, S
2003Low dielectric permittivity of water at the membrane interface: Effect on the energy coupling mechanism in biological membranesCherepanov, DA; Feniouk, BA; Junge, W ; Mulkidjanian, AY
2001Photosynthetic electron transfer controlled by protein relaxation: Analysis by Langevin stochastic approachCherepanov, DA; Krishtalik, LI; Mulkidjanian, AY
1996Photosystem II of green plants: Topology of core pigments and redox cofactors as inferred from electrochromic difference spectraMulkidjanian, AY; Cherepanov, DA; Haumann, M; Junge, W 
2005Proton transfer dynamics at membrane/water interface and mechanism of biological energy conversionMulkidjanian, AY; Cherepanov, DA; Heberle, J; Junge, W 
2004Proton transfer dynamics at the membrane/water interface: Dependence on the fixed and mobile pH buffers, on the size and form of membrane particles, and on the interfacial potential barrierCherepanov, DA; Junge, W ; Mulkidjanian, AY
1999Proton transfer from the bulk to the bound ubiquinone Q(B) of the reaction center in chromatophores of Rhodobacter sphaeroides: Retarded conveyance by neutral waterGopta, OA; Cherepanov, DA; Junge, W ; Mulkidjanian, AY
2001Proton transfer in Azotobacter vinelandii ferredoxin I: entatic Lys84 operates as elastic counterbalance for the proton-carrying Asp15Cherepanov, DA; Mulkidjanian, AY
2000Reduction and protonation of the secondary quinone acceptor of Rhodobacter sphaeroides photosynthetic reaction center: kinetic model based on a comparison of wild-type chromatophores with mutants carrying Arg -> Ile substitution at sites 207 and 217 in the L-subunitCherepanov, DA; Bibikov, SI; Bibikova, MV; Bloch, DA; Drachev, LA; Gopta, OA; Oesterhelt, D; Semenov, AY; Mulkidjanian, AY
2004Rotary F-1-ATPase - Is the C-terminus of subunit gamma fixed or mobile?Muller, M; Gumbiowski, K; Cherepanov, DA; Winkler, S; Junge, W ; Engelbrecht, S; Panke, O
2003Survival of the fittest before the beginning of life: selection of the first oligonucleotide-like polymers by UV lightMulkidjanian, AY; Cherepanov, DA; Galperin, MY
1997Temperature dependence of the electrogenic reaction in the Q(B) site of the Rhodobacter sphaeroides photosynthetic reaction center: the Q(A)(-)Q(B)->Q(A)Q(B)(-) transitionGopta, OA; Bloch, DA; Cherepanov, DA; Mulkidjanian, AY
2004The proton-driven rotor of ATP synthase: Ohmic conductance (10 fS), and absence of voltage gatingFeniouk, BA; Kozlova, MA; Knorre, DA; Cherepanov, DA; Mulkidjanian, AY; Junge, W 
1999Transient accumulation of elastic energy in proton translocating ATP synthaseCherepanov, DA; Mulkidjanian, AY; Junge, W 
2005Ubiquinone reduction in the photosynthetic reaction centre of Rhodobacter sphaeroides: interplay between electron transfer, proton binding and flips of the quinone ringMulkidjanian, AY; Kozlova, MA; Cherepanov, DA