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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A query-driven approach for checking the semantic correctness of ontology-based process representationsFellmann, M.; Thomas, O. ; Busch, B.
2014A survey on compliance standards and their IT-support in the nutrition industryZasada, A.; Fellmann, M.
2014Additional information in Business processes: A pattern-based integration of natural language artefactsBittmann, S.; Metzger, D.; Fellmann, M.; Thomas, O. 
2010An ontology-driven approach to support semantic verification in business process modelingFellmann, M.; Hogrebe, F.; Thomas, O. ; Nüttgens, M.
2014Analysis of Business process model reuse literature: Are research concepts empirically validated?Fellmann, M.; Koschmider, A.; Schoknecht, A.
2017Business processes modelling assistance by recommender functionalities: A first evaluation from potential usersFellmann, M.; Zarvić, N.; Thomas, O. 
2016Data model development for process modeling recommender systemsFellmann, M.; Metzger, D.; Thomas, O. 
2018Design and development of a process modelling environment for business process utilization within smart glassesVogel, J.; Jannaber, S.; Zobel, B.; Thomas, O. 
2011Design and usage of a process-centric collaboration methodology for virtual organizations in hybrid environmentsDollmann, T.; Loos, P.; Fellmann, M.; Thomas, O. ; Hoheisel, A.; Katranuschkov, P.; Scherer, R.J.
2013Do we need a standard for EPC modelling? The state of syntactic, semantic and pragmatic qualityFellmann, M.; Bittmann, S.; Karhof, A.; Stolze, C.; Thomas, O. 
2010Dynamic processes and their mapping on executable workflows [Dynamische Prozesse und deren Abbildung auf ausführbare Workflows]Hoheisel, A.; Fellmann, M.; Dollmann, T.
2013Elicitation and consolidation of requirements for mobile technical customer services support systems - A multi-method approachMatijacic, M.; Fellmann, M.; Kammler, F.; Özcan, D.; Nüttgens, M.; Thomas, O. 
2013Enterprise wikis and enterprise modelling environments: An integrative framework for purposefully using bothBittmann, S.; Fellmann, M.; Thomas, O. 
2013Exchange of knowledge and experience in technical customer service by means of semantic wikis: Application possibilities, systems and success factors [Wissens- und erfahrungsaustausch im technischen kundendienst mittels semantischer wikis: Einsatzmöglichkeiten, systeme und erfolgsfaktoren]Fellmann, M.; Schulze, S.; özcan, D.
2010How to ensure correct process models? A semantic approach to deal with resource problemsFellmann, M.; Hogrebe, F.; Thomas, O. ; Nüttgens, M.
2010Increase in productivity of technical customer services through intelligent mobile assistance systems [Produktivitätssteigerung technischer kundendienstleistungen durch intelligente mobile assistenzsysteme]Blinn, N.; Nüttgens, M.; Fellmann, M.; Thomas, O. ; Schlicker, M.
2014Information needs and provision in technical service processes: An inventory of supporting IT systems at the point of service [Informationsbedarfe und-bereitstellung in technischen Serviceprozessen: Eine Bestandsaufnahme unterstützender IT-Systeme am Point of Service]Matijacic, M.; Däuble, G.; Fellmann, M.; Özcan, D.; Nüttgens, M.; Thomas, O. 
2015Information needs of the mobile technical customer service - A case study in the field of machinery and plant engineeringDaeuble, G.; Oezcan, D.; Niemoeller, C.; Fellmann, M.; Nuettgens, M.; Thomas, O. 
2018IT-supported stress management: Mediating between sensor data and individual appraisalFellmann, M.; Lambusch, F.; Pieper, L.
2010Management of model relations using semantic wikisFellmann, M.; Thomas, O. ; Dollmann, T.