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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Analysis of oxyanion (BO33-, CO32-, SO42-, PO43-, SeO44-) substitution in Y123 compounds studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyKurmaev, EZ; Fedorenko, VV; Galakhov, VR; Bartkowski, S; Uhlenbrock, S; Neumann, M; Slater, PR; Greaves, C; Miyazaki, Y
2003Co 3d-level position in ZnS : Co semiconductorsGalakhov, VR; Surkova, TP; Yablonskikh, MV; Sokolov, AV; Kurmaev, EZ; Gridneva, L; Bartkowski, S; Neumann, M; Nordgren, J; Lopez-Rivera, SA
1996Degree of covalency of LiCoO2: X-ray emission and photoelectron studyGalakhov, VR; Kurmaev, EZ; Uhlenbrock, S; Neumann, M; Kellerman, DG; Gorshkov, VS
2005Direct investigation of orbital ordering in a colossal magnetoresistance manganite by means of X-ray linear dichroism at the Mn L edgeKuepper, K ; Bondino, F; Prince, KC; Zangrando, M; Zacchigna, M; Takacs, AF; Crainic, T; Matteucei, M; Parmigiani, F; Winiarski, A; Galakhov, VR; Mukovskii, YM; Neumann, M
2004Electron correlation effects in band structure of magnetic clusters Mn-12 and Fe-8Boukhvalov, DW; Kurmaev, EZ; Moewes, A; Yablonskikh, MV; Chiuzbaian, S; Galakhov, VR; Finkelstein, LD; Neumann, A; Katsnelson, MI; Dobrovitski, VV; Lichtenstein, AL
2005Electronic structure of A- and B-site doped lanthanum manganites: A combined X-ray spectroscopic studyKuepper, K ; Falub, MC; Prince, KC; Galakhov, VR; Troyanchuk, IO; Chiuzbaian, SG; Matteucci, M; Wett, D; Szargan, R; Ovechkina, NA; Mukovskii, YM; Neumann, M
2005Electronic structure of carbosulfide superconductorsKurmaev, EZ; Skorikov, NA; Galakhov, AV; Karimov, PF; Galakhov, VR; Trofimova, VA; Yarmoshenko, YM; Moewes, A; Chiuzbaian, SG; Neumann, M; Sakamaki, K
2003Electronic structure of cobalt-doped manganitesFalub, MC; Tsurkan, V; Neumann, M; Troyanchuk, IO; Galakhov, VR; Kurmaev, EZ; Weitering, HH
1996Electronic structure of CuV2S4Lu, ZW; Klein, BM; Kurmaev, EZ; Cherkashenko, VM; Galakhov, VR; Shamin, SN; Yarmoshenko, YM; Trofimova, VA; Uhlenbrock, S; Neumann, M; Furubayashi, T; Hagino, T; Nagata, S
2000Electronic structure of doped La-Mn-O perovskitesDemeter, M; Neumann, M; Galakhov, VR; Oveckkina, NA; Kurmaev, EZ; Labachevskaya, NI
2000Electronic structure of FeCr2S4 and Fe0.5Cu0.5Cr2S4Kurmaev, EZ; Postnikov, AV; Palmer, HM; Greaves, C; Bartkowski, S; Tsurkan, V; Demeter, M; Hartmann, D; Neumann, M; Zatsepin, DA; Galakhov, VR; Shamin, SN; Trofimova, V
2005Electronic structure of highly ordered Sr2FeMoO6: XPS and XES studiesKuepper, K ; Kadiroglu, M; Postnikov, V; Prince, KC; Matteucci, M; Galakhov, VR; Hesse, H; Borstel, G; Neumann, M
2000Electronic structure of LiMnO2: X-ray emission and photoelectron spectra and band structure calculationsGalakhov, VR; Korotin, MA; Ovechkina, NA; Kurmaev, EZ; Gorshkov, VS; Kellerman, DG; Bartkowski, S; Neumann, M
1998Electronic structure of ternary transition metal oxides and sulphides: X-ray photoelectron and X-ray emission spectroscopy studyKurmaev, EZ; Bartkowski, S; Neumann, M; Stadler, S; Ederer, DL; Galakhov, VR; Yarmoshenko, YM; Solovyev, IV; Shamin, SN; Trofimova, VA; Zatsepin, DA
2001Electronic structure of the mixed-valent system V2-xMoxO5Demeter, M; Neumann, M; Postnikov, AV; Cherkashenko, VM; Galakhov, VR; Kurmaev, EZ
2004Electronic structure of the transition-metal dicyanamides M[N(CN)(2)](2) (M=Mn,Fe,Co,Ni,Cu)Demchenko, DO; Liu, AY; Kurmaev, EZ; Finkelstein, LD; Galakhov, VR; Moewes, A; Chiuzbaian, SG; Neumann, M; Kmety, CR; Stevenson, KL
2001Electronic structure of thiophenes and phtalocyaninesKurmaev, EZ; Shamin, SN; Galakhov, VR; Moewes, A; Otsuka, T; Koizume, S; Endo, K; Katz, HE; Bach, M; Neumann, M; Ederer, DL; Iwami, M
1997Electronic structure of ZnS:Co and ZnSe:Co crystalsGalakhov, VR; Surkova, TP; Giriat, W; Bratkowski, S; Neumann, M
2002Electronic structure, X-ray spectra, and magnetic properties of the LiCoO2-delta and NaxCoO2 nonstoichiometric oxidesGalakhov, VR; Karelina, VV; Kellerman, DG; Gorshkov, VS; Ovechkina, NA; Neumann, M
1998Excitation energy dependence of X-ray emission spectra and electronic structure of Eu1-xCaxMnO3Kurmaev, EZ; Cherkashenko, VM; Neumann, M; Stadler, S; Ederer, DL; Mukovskii, YM; Solovyev, IV; Ovechkina, NA; Galakhov, VR; Fujimori, A; Grush, MM; Callcott, TA; Perera, RCC