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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Differential Item Functioning Analysis of the German Academic Self-Regulation Questionnaire for AdolescentsGnambs, Timo; Hanfstingl, Barbara
2014A meta-analysis of dependability coefficients (test-retest reliabilities) for measures of the Big FiveGnambs, Timo
2012A Personality-Competence Model of Opinion LeadershipGnambs, Timo; Batinic, Bernad
2012A Short Measure of the Need for AffectAppel, Markus; Gnambs, Timo; Maio, Gregory R.
2012Acute effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by GSM mobile phones on subjective well-being and physiological reactions: A meta-analysisAugner, Christoph; Gnambs, Timo; Winker, Robert; Barth, Alfred
2015Disclosure of sensitive behaviors across self-administered survey modes: a meta-analysisGnambs, Timo; Kaspar, Kai 
2020Do Computer Games Jeopardize Educational Outcomes? A Prospective Study on Gaming Times and Academic AchievementGnambs, Timo; Stasielowicz, Lukasz; Wolter, Ilka; Appel, Markus
2016Engagement in one-night stands in Germany and Spain: Does personality matter?Kaspar, Kai ; Buss, Lene Vanessa; Rogner, Josef; Gnambs, Timo
2016Examining Individual Differences in Interpersonal Influence: On the Psychometric Properties of the Generalized Opinion Leadership Scale (GOLS)Batinic, Bernad; Appel, Markus; Gnambs, Timo
2014Experiencing narrative worlds: A latent state-trait analysisGnambs, Timo; Appel, Markus; Schreiner, Constanze; Richter, Tobias; Isberner, Maj-Britt
2015Facets of measurement error for scores of the Big Five: Three reliability generalizationsGnambs, Timo
2015Not really the same: Computerized and real lotteries in decision making researchOeberst, Aileen; Haberstroh, Susanne; Gnambs, Timo
2016Parameter accuracy in meta-analyses of factor structuresGnambs, Timo; Staufenbiel, Thomas 
2015Personality and Social Psychology Psychological effects of (non)employment: A cross-national comparison of the United States and JapanGnambs, Timo; Stiglbauer, Barbara; Selenko, Eva
2013Personality traits and knowledge sharing in online communitiesJadin, Tanja; Gnambs, Timo; Batinic, Bernad
2015Psychological effects of (non)employment: A cross-national comparison ofthe United States and JapanGnambs, Timo; Stiglbauer, Barbara; Selenko, Eva
2015Red Color and Risk-Taking Behavior in Online EnvironmentsGnambs, Timo; Appel, Markus; Oeberst, Aileen
2016Sociodemographic Effects on the Test-Retest Reliability of the Big Five InventoryGnambs, Timo
2015The effect of the color red on encoding and retrieval of declarative knowledgeGnambs, Timo; Appel, Markus; Kaspar, Kai 
2013The Elusive General Factor of Personality: The Acquaintance EffectGnambs, Timo